Bigg Boss 8: Diandra Soares is back, but just as a guest this time

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  • Updated: Dec 30, 2014 19:34 IST

Diandra Soares is back inside the Bigg Boss house, but only as a guest this time as part of a task. Her mere presence is, however, enough to intimidate all the contestants. Soares doesn't make things easier for herself when she tells Karishma Tanna to avoid faking friendships or when she advises Upen Patel not to talk about her relation with Gautam Gulati.

On seeing Gulati, both the friends get emotional and Soares even tells him that she wants him to win the show. "Ab mere baare tumse koi kuch kahe to usko bolna Shutup!" she tells him. While taking him to the garden, Soares says jokingly," Chalo is baar bathroom nahi le jaungi."

After Ajaz Khan'S entry on Monday, the dynamics of the show suddenly seem to be taking a new twist.

Like previous seasons, it is time for relatives' visit to the house and under the luxury budget task, ‘Freeze-Release’, the housemates need to turn to statues each time Bigg Boss commands them to freeze and can only move when released by Bigg Boss. All housemates are asked to abide by the rules except Ajaz, who is tasked to work against the housemates and cause them to move from their postures.

Ajaz acts as a guide to a group of people who enter the house for a tour. Followed by the group of tourist, a very enthusiastic clown entered the house, eager to smash cake onto the faces of the housemates standing still in an affixed position.

Puneet’s wife, Deepali Issar enters the house and hugs him, leaving him dumbstruck and in tears.

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