Bigg Boss 8: Inside this house, friendships are the biggest casualties

  • Sweta Kaushal, Hindustan Times, New Delhi
  • Updated: Nov 14, 2014 18:19 IST

Friday's episode officially spells the end of friendships inside the Bigg Boss house. The day begins with Bigg Boss announcing the captaincy task for the week: Diandra is supposed to choose one candidate for captaincy. Dimpy and Pritam are automatically nominated for the captaincy as they won they previous task Sab Dhurandar Hotel Ke Andar. When her turn comes, Diandra selects Praneet as her candidate, while Gautam gets the vote from other housemates.

The four contenders, Gautam, Dimpy, Pritam and Praneet, are told that they are required to hold on to a ring and the person who holds on to it till the end will be chosen captain. The already souring relationship of Pritam, Praneet and Gautam reaches crossroads with the task. Gautam questions Praneet and Pritam’s loyalty in their friendship and Praneet and Pritam lose their cool, announcing the end of their friendship with Gautam.

Meanwhile, Karishma complains to Aarya and Upen about her best friend in the house, Diandra for not considering her as a probable contestant for captaincy. Aarya and Upen, who were stunned to hear that Karishma wanted to be nominated as captain, also mention that they are surprised by Diandra’s nomination and selection of candidates for the next captain of the house.

Eager to revive his friendship, Gautam tries to speak to Pritam and Praneet in Puneet’s presence, but in vain as Pritam and Praneet refuse to budge!

Catch all the drama at 9pm on COLORS TV.

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