Bigg Boss 8: It's Sonali Raut's turn to break down now, courtesy Gautam Gulati

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  • Updated: Nov 19, 2014 11:52 IST

Things aren't really looking promising for Sonali Raut, who is already upset with her time inside the Bigg Boss house. She is even more distressed when Gautam tells her on Tuesday that she needs to be extra careful about the way she conducts herself inside the house, more so when there are eighty camera capturing all her moves. When Sonali breaks down, Gautam tries to lift her spirits by first apologising to her and then acting funny to make her laugh.

On the other hand, Karishma insists with Bigg Boss that Sonali is too distressed and that she needs some counselling.

In an interesting twist to the game, Bigg Boss introduces the 'Gautam City' task, according to which, Gautam will rule like a dictator. Gautam gets to the luxury of a special room and two personal attendants. For attendants, Gautam chooses Dimpy and Puneet. Diandra, Upen, Karishma and Nigaar find it difficult to follow the rules being created by Gautam. However, be it punishing the praja by making them stand in the sun for hours or asking them to give up their belongings, Gautam does it all.

No one is allowed to sit in the same room where Gautam is present and all other contestants are expected to address him as ‘Your Majesty’ or ‘Your Highness’. None of the inmates are even allowed to directly communicate with Gautam but only through Puneet or Dimpy. Gautam also has the liberty to punish the housemates by denying them food!

Earlier in the day, Diandra and Gautam chat in an effort to solve all misunderstandings between them, and Gautam tells Diandra that he continues to like her. "Meri fitrat mein fake hona nahi hai, mera kisi se bhi kuch personal nahi hai," he says. Diandra says everytime she decides she will try to give it another try being nice to him he disappoints her. She says, "Tum hamesha below the belt comment maarte ho".

Despite hearing that, Gautam says he is convinced that he is going to have her number on his phone and so will she. He further explains that its all a game and asks her why she can't be a friend like Puneet who has stood beside him through every thick and thin.

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