Bigg Boss 8: Now Gautam locks horns with Puneet and Ali

  • Hindustan Times, New Delhi
  • Updated: Oct 22, 2014 17:26 IST

TV actor Gautam Gulati seems to be having a tough time controlling his temper. In Wednesday's episode, he abuses Ali even while the luxury task of BB Mithaiwala was on inside the Bigg Boss house and gets into yet another fracas.

Here's what happens. While the luxury task was on, Gautam and Diandra, teamleaders of the two competing sides, get into an arguement, and Puneet starts yelling at Gautam and even tries to physically hurt the latter.

Gautam almost breaks down at this. Puneet even yells at Diandra for saying ‘shut up’ just to settle the argument.

As soon as the Diandra-Puneet-Gautam fiasco is settled, Gautam starts off and abuses Ali. Enraged at being abused, Ali threatens him: "Aankhen nikaal dunga." Surprisingly, soon we see Ali also crying. What is it really? We need to wait for the episode for details.

Later in the day, Diandra's team wins the Mithai task and we are told that a member of the team will become the captain of the week. Soon after the announcement, Puneet lists traits that are mandatory for the captain.

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