Bigg Boss 8: 'Phoney' photos?

  • Anjuri Nayar Singh, Hindustan Times, New Delhi
  • Updated: Jan 14, 2015 20:57 IST

A recent series of photos that have emerged from Bigg Boss, and shows actor Karishma Tanna, a contestant on the show, trying to hide something that resembles a cellphone, has left fans of the reality show disappointed.

Three photos that have emerged also show a charger that looks like a phone charger, plugged into the wall socket. However, the makers of the show insist that it is impossible for anyone to take a phone inside.

A source from the sets of the show says that Karishma is holding a pack of cigarettes and the charger which is seen is actually a trimmer charger. "It is just not possible. These pictures are from the time when Gautam (Gulati) was hiding other contestants’ cigarettes. This is what Karishma is trying to hide from Gautam in the picture. Also, the charger is used to charge trimmers in the house," says the source.

Former contestants confirm that there is no way a mobile phone can reach the house. "There is no way a phone can reach the house. Your entire luggage is thoroughly checked and there is no way you can smuggle these things inside. I have seen that picture and it is not a mobile charger at all," says Renee Dhyani, who was a contestant in this season.

A charger plugged into a socket inside the Bigg Boss house.

Actor Vindoo Dara Singh, who was also a part of the show in another season, recently wrote on Twitter, "Not possible mobile in that house!! They frisk you and bags worse than airport. Someone joking and added may be in photo (sic)."

However, fans of the show seem to be disappointed. Shahshank Srivastav, a viewer, posted on Twitter,


Caught having a mobile phone in the house.. Are you cheating on us @BiggBoss #BiggBossHallaBol #BB8," and Palak Arjun Kapoor posted, "Back to Back Bad Things are happening in @BiggBoss house! Ab ya phone charger ka kya scene hy? #BB8 TANNA VO KOI CANDY NAHI HY..we Know! (sic)."

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