Bigg Boss 8: Pritam, Praneet, Puneet and Gautam set to reunite?

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  • Updated: Dec 12, 2014 19:15 IST

Forget and forgive? Winds of change seem to be blowing inside the Bigg Boss house: In Friday's episode, Pritam and Praneet are seen discussing that P3G (Praneet, Pritam, Puneet and Gautam) should be reunited, mainly because the group split because of captain Karishma Tanna. Even Puneet joins in when the duo discusses how unfair Karishma was to Praneet when she named him for evictions.

Ali stays up all night sitting on the chair to ensure better chances of the captain of the house for the third time. In fact, other contestants too, try to convince Ali to let Dimpy be the captain for the coming week. Ali, however, says that he is not concerned about others at all. Dimpy, on the other hand, struggles her way Ali into the chair.

Dimpy manages to irritate Ali with the help of chilli mixed with water, and he makes space for Dimpy to sit on the chair. All the housemates tell Dimpy that her behaviour is incorrect and unfair, but Dimpy does not budge.

Meanwhile, captain Karishma is asked to rate all the housemates including herself on a scale from one to hundred, based on the performance of the contestants during their luxury budget task Party toh Banti Hai.

Later, Bigg Boss announces the ratings given by Karishma and informs the housemates that it will also affect the luxury budget that they will receive for the week. While Karishma is tensed, the other contestants are confused as the captain had clearly lied to them about the scores that she had given them. When the housemates hear of the ratings they have received from Karishma, most of them are upset but choose not to react. Karishma does not regret her decision, but becomes the hot topic of discussion in the house because of her choices.

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