Bigg Boss 8: Upen Patel continues to play the villain

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  • Updated: Dec 17, 2014 19:19 IST

British actor-model Upen Patel seems to have turned into the new villain in Bigg Boss house. On Wednesday's episode, too, he continues to essay the role of a baddie.

Upen refuses to look at Sonali while talking. When she tries to ask what is wrong, he snaps at her saying, "Sonali, grow up! You cannot remain like this forever, behave like an adult if you prefer having a serious conversation!" He even calls erstwhile friend Karishma Tanna self-centred.

Part of a task, Bigg Boss divides the housemates into butlers and guests, with Gautam, Karishma, Pritam and Dimpy playing butlers. The guests (Upen, Sonali, Puneet and Praneet) can make the butlers do any task they deem fit in return for the money provided to them.

Karishma Tanna cleaning the pool.

Upen asks Karishma to clean the pool and take out all the huge stones he has deliberately put inside the pool along with dumbbells and other heavy objects. Karishma sportingly accomplishes the task. Upen then asks Dimpy to clean the messed up toilet. He intentionally ruins the washroom floor and walls in order to irritate Dimpy. Other housemates are shocked by Upen’s behavior and give the butlers tasks like, washing the clothes, cleaning their footwear and the like!

Later in the day, Bigg Boss launches the last leg of the luxury budget task - Hijack. Winners from Tuesday's task and Karishma have a special benefit to join the winning team. As per this task, each villain is expected to put the name tag on their t-shirt of one Super Hero he or she feels deserves immunity from nominations.

Ali tries convincing Upen and they end up having an argument with Ali claiming that he never harmed Upen but Upen chooses to go with Karishma despite telling her she has betrayed their friendship quite often.

The villains, who tried to save their preferred Super Heros were– Puneet for Gautam,Upen for Karishma, Sonali for Dimpy, Praneet for Pritam. Ali was the only one who was left out and thus had to stand out of the race of Immunity. It was quite an entertainment to see Ali howling in front of the camera saying, "Main lut gaya barbaad ho gaya!"

Meanwhile, Gautam seems too confident and declares that he doesn’t need immunity?

What has gone wrong with Patel? Is he vying for footage?

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