Bigg Boss 8: Who's your favourite contestant?

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  • Updated: Dec 30, 2014 18:53 IST

It's going to be a crowded Bigg Boss house with five challengers set to enter the show, and five from the current lot of eight entering the Halla Bol contest.

Now that the show is extended by a month, we are asking you a simple question: Who do you think should win the title this year?

To make the task easy for you, here's a brief look at their journey in the show.

Karishma Tanna

She is one of the strongest contestants in the house. Whether it is Gautam Gulati, or even Puneet Issar, she's not the one to mince her words, or back off when attacked. But Tanna is also someone who can act stupid, adding some entertainment element to the show (her GK knowledge for instance: She didn't get the President's name right, neither does she know what R stands for in Sachin R Tendulkar).

Pritam Singh

In the beginning, RJ Pritam seemed to be among the coolest guys in the house. However, few weeks into the contest and we realised he is no pushover when it comes to being bitchy or scheming against his threats. His funny ways with Karishma and Sonali adds to his charm.

Sonali Raut

She may be dumb and irritating at times, but there is no denying that she's clued in about one thing about her personality: her sex appeal. The Xpose actor loves playing the 'dumb blonde' role to perfection, and even boasts of seeing Bigg Boss' spirit at times. Do we need anything else for our entertainment?

Gautam Gulati

This TV actor has been one of the most-loved characters on Bigg Boss ever since the show started in September. Be it his fights with practically everybody inside the house or his romantic escapades with Diandra, Gulati knows how to keep the audience hooked.

Puneet Issar

The Mahabharat actor first came to limelight in the house when his fight with Aarya took a violent turn and he had to be shown the door. However, Puneet was called back in the house after he apologised. He has a penchant for supporting people who have been sidelined (Gautam, for instance).

Ali Quli Mirza

Who would have thought that a wannabe-Ajaz Khan exists in this world! Ali is entertaining but he tries too hard to be one of the most active people in the house. He loves picking fights and has had his share with Upen and Gautam, among others.

Upen Patel

The British actor-model stayed out of controversies for more than a month into the show. He suddenly turned into an attention-seeker and tried real hard to pick fights with Gautam. His flirtatious attitude with Sonali and Karishma only adds to his TRP-worthiness.

Dimpy Ganguli

Dimpy ensured she was one of the crucial players in the house since the beginning. Her entry marked the infamous break-up of P3G group (Puneet, Pritam, Praneet and Gautam). Now, with Rahul Mahajan set to enter the house, her presence will only add to the masala material.

Among the five contestants in the house, who do you think should win? Vote for your favourite:

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