Bigg Boss 9: Mandana and Kishwar fight over clothes

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  • Updated: Nov 11, 2015 11:19 IST

In her attempt to irritate Kishwar during a Bigg Boss task, Mandana wears her dress and in turn Kishwar wears Mandana’s clothes; and that’s what triggers the war between the two!

Tuesday’s episode began with Rishabh telling Digangana that she should not consider anyone in the house her friend. Now that Yuvika has been voted out of Bigg Boss, Rishabh Sinha found his new target in Digangana and starts provoking her. He even told her that she must stop being miss goody two shoes.

On the breakfast table, all the housemates teased Digangana for having a soft corner for Rishabh and fondly name the Jodi as ‘Degree (Digri)’. Although Digangana denied having any sort of feelings for Rishabh, she was unable to hide the smile on her face whenever there was a conversation about Rishabh.

Later in the day, Bigg Boss introduced the ‘Highway Task’. The contestants were divided into two groups- team A consisting Mandana, Rochelle, Digangana, Aman and Rishabh and team B with Kishwer, Suyyash, Prince, Rimi and Puneet. For the task, one team was supposed to sit on a cycle rickshaw and peddle through 4 cities, while the other team would try and get the members off the cycle rickshaw. After reaching a destination, both the teams competed with each other for another task and then resume cycling.

Team A and Team B compete in the ‘Highway Task’. (Colors TV)

Team B was the first one to start cycling while team A left no stone unturned to distract and irritate them to give up. They try various tricks from throwing cold water, oil, chilli powder to waste from the garbage bin to stop team A from winning. Rimi surprised by actively doing the task while others tried to restrict her by hiding her favorite makeup pouch.

As the task progressed, the contestants got into multiple fights with each other. Suyyash, Prince and Rishabh argued over touching teammates and breaking rules. Mandana tried her best to irritate and provoke Puneet and Kishwer. Mandana wore Kishwar’s clothes and in turn, Kishwar wore Mandana clothes, turning the house into a war zone.

Mandana Karimi in Bigg Boss 9. (Colors TV)

Early in the evening, team B reached its first destination, Kochi, where they performed another task. Both the teams were required to make a human chain and pass on raw fish by holding it in their mouth. After completing the task, Team B got back on the cycle rickshaw while Team A continued to pull them down. Later, when Team B reached its second destination Surat, Mandana and Suyyash fought each other in a dhokla eating competition. Further, Mandana and Rochelle decided to target Rimi and irritate her to leave the rickshaw. Mandana was upset with Rishabh for not supporting her and decides to give up the task. Meanwhile, Team B reached the third destination, Jalandhar, where there was a kabaddi match between Suyyash, Aman and Rishabh. The task continued and both the teams kept battling each other for the upper-hand.

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