Bigg Boss 9: Kishwar makes Rochelle cry during Diwali celebrations

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  • Updated: Nov 13, 2015 09:53 IST
Kishwar ends up saying the house is full of uneducated people! (COLORS)

Salman Khan’s Bigg Boss is one show where even celebrations give way to non-stop big bang action. The show’s Thursday episode had all that it takes to make Diwali noisier than what it was anywhere else outside the house: There was a heavier-than-usual dose of fights and fisticuffs, complaints and cribs, and much more in the day’s segment. Did you just say it’s the perfect recipe for Diwali patakha?

On Thursday’s episode, the contestants were required to perform entertaining acts and all of them were divided into two teams. More than entertaining with their acts, the day’s episode was peppered with the contestants fighting with each other and trying to go one up on each other. Rimi and Rochelle, for example, were irritated with Suyyash for dancing on the same song they’ve chosen for themselves.

Rishabh argues with Suyyash on Bigg Boss 9. (COLORS)

Kishwar jumped into the fight, defending Suyyash and telling the two girls that he was merely listening to the song and not dancing. She also warned Rochelle that only Bigg Boss has the right to decide if Suyyash was allowed to dance on the same song. The two then complained to Bigg Boss. Rochelle said that she just wanted to dance and the housemates found reasons to fight even in Diwali celebrations. “Can’t live like this anymore,” Rochelle said. “There are many people here who are uneducated and uncouth,” Kishwar told Bigg Boss.

Rochelle ends up crying after the fight. (COLORS)

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Soon, things turn very ugly inside the house, with everyone fighting with each other. Aman then plays the pacifier and requests everyone to stop fighting because it’s Diwali. The two teams then agree on peace and perform their acts.

Early in the morning, Mandana told Digangana that she should make breakfast that everyone likes rather than blindly following Kishwer’s instructions. Kishwer who overheard Mandana and Digangana’s conversation said that Mandana was being obnoxious and was just looking for opportunities to pick a fight with the housemates.

Rochelle and Mandana later discussed how Kishwer, Prince and Suyyash have come to the Bigg Boss house for a paid holiday and are not concerned about anything else. They further said that the trio was spreading negativity inside the house. Kishwer told Prince and Suyyash that she wanted to see Mandana and Rochelle get into a nasty fight and then Rochelle would be left alone with noone on her side.

Digangana inside the Double Trouble room. (COLORS )

Later in the day, Bigg Boss summons Puneet, Digangana and Mandana in the Double Trouble Room. And as the task, they will decide who gets to receive the Diwali gifts sent by their families!

Puneet inside the Doible Trouble room on Thursday’s episode. (OLORS)

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