Bigg Boss 9: Keith-Rochelle, Suyyash-Kishwar get cozy

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  • Updated: Oct 30, 2015 17:21 IST
Suyyash and Kishwar caught kissing inside the Bigg Boss house. (COLORS)

If you’ve been waiting for some action between the sheets inside the Bigg Boss house, here it is. Two couples -- Keith and Rochelle, and Suyyash and Kishwar -- were caught getting cozy with each other after the lights were out inside the house. Leaked pictures show the two pairs kissing and making out with each other.


In Friday’s episode, BB asks the new captain, Prince, to choose the top three rule breakers in the house. He nominates Rochelle, Mandana and Yuvika. The trio is then called to three separate booths and given four options: If any one of them presses the buzzer, the other two will face the punishment; if two of them do it, the third one will be in the dock; if all of them press the buzzer together, they will have to nominate two who’d face the punishment; and if no one presses the buzzer, they will have to single out one of them to face the punishment.

Keith and Rochelle cozy up in Bigg Boss. (COLORS TV)

After the task, Mandana and Rochelle get into an ugly argument when Mandana calls Rochelle selfish. Keith tries to play the peacemaker and tries to calm Rochelle down. The couple then bitches about Mandana’s modus operandi of befriending people for her selfish gains and then dumping them as soon as her work is done. Later in afternoon, Rochelle also tells Digangana that Mandana has manipulative ways. On the other hand, Kishwer tells Yuvika that she finds Mandana very upfront and bold.


In the evening, Bigg Boss introduces the task ‘Sachai Ka Saamna’ which takes the contestants through a reality check of the ‘Good’, ‘Bad’ and ‘Ugly’. Rimi is asked to spot ‘good’ things about the contestants while Mandana and Aman are asked to identify the ‘bad’ and ‘ugly’ qualities respectively. This brings out all the buried issues and gives the contestants a chance to openly confront people. It creates a permanent crack in Mandana and Rochelle’s friendship, as they vent out their frustrations about each other. At the same time Kishwer and Mandana get a chance to strengthen their budding friendship. They bond over similarities in their personality and behavior.



Stay tuned for the latest updates from the Bigg Boss house. Catch all the drama at 10:30pm tonight on COLORS TV.

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