Bigg Boss 9: Kishwar is the fighting captain of the house

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  • Updated: Oct 27, 2015 17:23 IST
Kishwar Merchant, the captain of the Bigg Boss house, is fighting with everyone. (COLORS TV)

Just a couple of weeks into this year’s Bigg Boss season, and already sparks have started flying in all directions. In Tuesday’s episode, it’s Kishwar, the captain of the house, who’s on a short fuse from the word go. It seems she’s taken her title a little too seriously: She bosses around with the rest of the inmates, (much to the displeasure of everybody), and even gets into ugly fights for her boyfriend Suyyash.

In a new task ‘Friends Page’, Bigg Boss asks Prince and Suyyash to write cheesy statuses (ala Facebook) to get other contestants’ attention. The two are told that the results of the task will also affect captaincy status. Suyyash and Prince are allowed to block each other’s friends and unblock them only after giving them punishment. Kishwar plays the sanchalak of the task and she has a tough time making decisions.

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The housemates can switch between the two and are also allowed to ask Suyyash or Prince anything they wished to. When Aman asks Suyyash why he felt Aman was negative, Suyyash is obliged to justify. Aman, in return, says he even sacrificed his safety for Kishwer by nominating himself. Kishwer jumps in to defend her boyfriend and says Aman only nominated himself because she sacrificed her luggage and that otherwise he would come across as a bad person.

Aman again locked horns with Kishwar over her bossy attitude. (COLORS TV)

Aman asks her to stay out of it as she is only the supervisor. Kishwar, however, says she is the captain of the house and if Rochelle can defend Keith, she too can do what she wants.

Later, Prince ends up fighting when he tells Suyyash that Kishwar should stop poking her nose into everyone’s affairs as she is just the ‘sanchalak’. Kishwar is irked at this and angrily tells Prince that people who have a problem with her should confront her and not Suyyash.

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Meanwhile, Rochelle tells Suyyash that she has not been able to understand him and he begins his explanation but Kishwar interrupts. And both Rochelle and Aman tell her that she should stay out of it as she is not a player in the game.

Stay tuned for latest updates from the crazy Bigg Boss house. Catch all the drama at 10:30pm on COLORS tonight.

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