Bigg Boss 9: Prince and Suyyash are immature kids, says Mandana

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  • Updated: Oct 28, 2015 17:38 IST
Suyyash and Prince are competing for captaincy of the house. (COLORS)

The captain’s post is up for grabs inside the Bigg Boss house, and things take an ugly turn in Wednesday’s episode of the reality show post Prince and Kishwar’s fallout the previous night. Mandana tells Keith and Rochelle that she doesn’t care who wins the task, and adds that both Prince and Suyyash are immature kids for her.

Yuvika and Vikas discuss the fight between Prince and Suyyash. Mandana, too, chips in and says that she is supporting Suyyash only because she wants to make peace with Kishwar .

Mandana Karimi maybe taking sides for Suyyash but she claims she doesn’t care who becomes the captain. (FACEBOOK/MANDANA)

As the day progresses, Mandana tells Rochelle that Prince is fake and Rochelle defends Prince saying that he became extremely close to Suyyash and Kishwar too soon without even knowing them. Interestingly, Aman tries manipulating Prince and using him for his own gains. Meanwhile, Vikas discusses Aman’s devious intentions and says that Aman should learn to act his own age (Aman is in his 50s) and play the game grace instead of using dirty tricks.

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Vikas feels Aman is not acting his age inside the Bigg Boss house. (COLORS)

As Kishwar’s captaincy is coming to an end, she makes fun of the contestants breaking the rules of the house. She even fights with Rochelle over coffee. Rochelle gets miffed with Kishwar for mispronouncing her name. Keith tries to calm down his girlfriend but she retorts that she will be nasty if Kishwar tries to mess with her again.

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As the day comes to an end, Bigg Boss calls out everyone to gather in the living room and gives them a piece of his mind. Bigg Boss tells the contestants that he is highly disappointed with their luxury budget task performance and does not appreciate how they give up on every task. Bigg Boss asks the contestants to up their game as the game is going to get difficult from hereon.

Keith in Bigg Boss 9. (COLORS TV)

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The day ends with Keith having a conversation with Prince over his concern for Rochelle. Keith requests Prince to take care of his girlfriend in his absence. As the lights go off, Rochelle and Keith are seen talking about Mandana’s growing fondness towards Kishwar and Suyyash and how she is switching sides.

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