Bigg Boss 9: Prince Narula is Priya Malik’s latest victim

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  • Updated: Dec 22, 2015 19:13 IST
Priya targets Prince as he punished her during his captaincy. (COLORS)

If you thought Bigg Boss is losing out on its melodrama quotient, don’t miss the reality show’s Tuesday night episode. Taking the battle of the sexes a bit too far, we have Priya Malik unleashing her fury on Prince Narula for singling her for speaking in English inside the house when he was the captain, but not saying anything to Nora. Never the one to back off, Prince makes the fight even uglier: He takes away the matteresses of both Nora and Priya in order to punish them.

Things are heating up inside the Bigg Boss house. (COLORS)

In another twist, Rochelle announces to everybody in the house that the person who ‘stole’ Mandana’s chocolate has confessed to her about it. Mandana, meanwhile, complains to Gizele and Rishabh that they did not support her when she needed them the most. Soon it’s pandemonium inside the house, with Gizele and Rishabh slugging it out with Mandana. Things go completely out of hand when Rishabh claims he supported Mandana because she is a weak contender, and Gizele adds to the fire when she says Mandana rebuffed her ‘genuine’ efforts to become friends with her.

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When Mandana confronts the housemates about her stolen chocolates, Keith admits to have eaten one of them. Rishabh hints that he is the other culprit and explains that he did so to teach her a lesson as she pretended earlier that her chocolate box was stolen. Mandana breaks down and says that she’s better off with her enemies than being with her own friends.

Mandana finds a new friend in Rochelle. (COLORS)

Finally, Rochelle speaks to Mandana and explains that she should not have made an issue out of the stolen chocolates as it is creating a lot of heartburn inside the house ahead of Christmas. Mandana replies that she stole the chocolates to gift it to her ‘Secret Child’. Kishwer spots Rochelle and Mandana having a candid conversation and begins to tease Rochelle for getting back with her best friend. This irks Rochelle but she chooses to ignore Kishwer and continues with her conversation with Mandana.

Bigg Boss then announces that the housemates will get another chance to win back their lost prize money but this time, they will have to wrestle professional wrestlers and try and stay inside the wrestling ring as long as possible. The girls are required to have a face-off with female wrestlers while the boys will fight it out with male wrestlers. Prince is asked to place a bet on one of the contenders – Suyyash-Priya, Kishwer-Mandana and Keith-Nora. If he wins the bet, the contestants will win back their prize money.

Priya Malik keeps finding targets to vent out her anger. (COLORS)

Fortunately for the housemates, Prince places his bet on the winner Jodi and they win back a portion of the lost winning prize amount.

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