Bigg Boss 9: Priya is a ‘mosquito’ and Mandana is a ‘massive dragon’

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  • Updated: Dec 30, 2015 19:28 IST
It is a day of fights on Bigg Boss: Priya calls Mandana ‘massive dragon’ who, in turn, calls her a ‘mosquito’! (Colors)

Bigg Boss 9 house is now the house of catfights: On Wednesday’s episode, Mandana calls Priya a ‘little mosquito’ and Priya calls Mandana a ‘massive dragon’.

Prince tells Suyyash that he plans to maintain a distance from Nora and adds that he will soon discover if her feelings are fake. Prince further assures captain Suyyash that he will not let Nora affect his game. Later, Nora warns Prince that inquiring about her might be Suyyash’s game plan.

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Prince and Suyyash discuss Nora. (Colors)

While Priya tries to sort out her differences with Nora, Nora refuses to budge. At this point, Kishwar chips in and tells Nora that the discussion was about Prince.

At midnight, Prince changes the position of all the diamonds in order to confuse the thief team. Priya decides to put oil on the diamonds so that the diamonds slips out of the thief team’s hands when they try to steal it. Bigg Boss then announces that their actions will have consequences on the luxury budget. The task commences once again and Keith feels that Suyyash, as the supervisor, is being partial towards the police team. During the task, Rishabh tries to escape from the jail and in the process throws Priya’s shoes away. In turn, Priya breaks the pot of water meant for Rishabh.

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Rishabh and Priya have a fight inside the Bigg Boss house. (Colors)

When Keith gets arrested for stealing a diamond, Rishabh is allowed to leave the prison. Keith further tells Rochelle that during the task, he does not consider her as his girlfriend and she should not get influenced by her emotions either. This hurts Rochelle and she feels disrespected. She tells Keith that he will have to face repercussions for passing such a disrespectful statement. However, after the task, love is in the air once again as Keith immediately hugs Rochelle and says, “Mera diamond toh mere paas hai!”

Keith and Rochelle inside the Bigg Boss house. (Colors)

At night, a different side of Rishabh-Priya-Mandana equation is visible as Rishabh and Mandana talk about how Priya is a horrible game player. The taunts do not stop even when Priya walks in to make tea. Surprisingly, Priya chooses to ignore them.

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