Bigg Boss 9: Priya Malik says Prince Narula lacks talent, depth

  • Sweta Kaushal, Hindustan Times, New Delhi
  • Updated: Jan 18, 2016 14:42 IST
Priya Malik is the latest contestant to be eliminated from Bigg Boss 9. (Colors)

Priya Malik got more than a few epithets while on Bigg Boss 9 -- strongest contender, manipulator and entertainer. However, they were not enough to save the participant as she got eliminated on Sunday.

According to Priya, her elimination has a lot to do with her winning the task on Saturday and being announced as the first ‘finalist’. Calling it ironic, she says, “When that announcement (of her winning the task and getting ‘ticket to finale’) was made, somehow I felt that it might backfire. I fear the voting was affected by that but I am happy that I was unapologetically Priya in the show,” she says.

Priya speaks to the contestants after her eviction asSalman Khan enjoys the banter. (Colors)

Speaking to Hindustan Times after her eviction from Bigg Boss 9 , Priya says, “I am glad that I have been myself - good, bad or ugly - that’s what the show is all about.”

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When asked about the strongest contender for winning Bigg Boss 9, Priya insists it is Rishabh Sinha and not Prince narula: “Rishabh should win, not because he’s a friend but because he has shown a lot of talent – he is funny, stylish and competitive. Prince, on the other hand, only showed his competitive and his relationship side. There is a lack of talent and depth in Prince.”

Prince and Priya have had the worst fights inside the Bigg Boss 9 house. (Colors)

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She further elaborates on her stint inside the house: “Every human being has a negative and a positive side and I got to reaffirm my own strengths and weaknesses. The tasks in Australian Big Brother were not physically as strenuous. I always had this belief that there is good in everyone. Despite all fights, I saw the good in everyone. Even if it was just for a fleeting second, but I did see good in everyone,” she further says, talking about what she got to learn on the show.

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Rishabh Sinha inside the Bigg Boss house. (Colors)

Priya also admits her connection with Rishabh and says, “Rishabh and I were genuine friends. We had that sibling rivalry - we’d fight and then make up, support each other and even go against each other. I’d love to be friends with him in future.”

Later, she tweeted about talking to Rishabh’s mom and wrote, “Spoke to Rishab’s mum yesterday;she treated me like her own daughter,goodness of heart runs in the family!#VoteForRishabh.”

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Talking about other contestants in the house, the Australian teacher said, “Kishwar and I had a subtle connection and felt for each other. I also got along very well with Keith. I did not get along too well with Prince and Mandana but I had good moments with them.”

Priya and Rishabh during a task in Bigg Boss 9. (Colors)

Sharing her future plans, she says, “I wanted to use Bigg Boss as a launch pad for my career in Indian TV. I am open to other shows, TV acting and even English stand-up comedy. I have got some shows in Australia in February but I plan to come back to India and find my base in the industry here.”

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