Bigg Boss 9: Rochelle, Kishwar, Aman and Puneet are nominated

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  • Updated: Nov 10, 2015 08:56 IST
Kishwar is one of the six contestants nominated for eviction this week. (COLORS TV)

After the special nominations round with Salman Khan, Bigg Boss contestants got a chance to save themselves from eviction. And the result? Prince,. Rishabh, Mandana and Suyyash are safe while Puneet, Rochelle, Rimi, Kishwar, Aman and Digangana have been nominated for eliminations this week.

The nominations round had yet another twist this week with Salman Khan coordinating the whole process. Rishabh nominated Rochelle while Puneet and Mandana nominated Kishwar. Prince nominated Puneet.

Salman Khan coordinated the nominations procedure. (Colors)

Later, Bigg Boss announced that the nominated contestants could save themselves by stating the reasons to why do they deserve to stay in the Bigg Boss house. All the housemates vote for the contestant who convinces them the most – by logic or by emotions. The safe contestant then nominated another contestant instead. Prince emerges the winner in this task and is declared safe from evictions. Digangana on the other hand, is directly nominated for elimination.

Monday’s episode also brought bad boy Rishabh’s tantrums into the limelight once again. He deliberately picked up fights with his nemesis Kishwar. And it got ugly and things took a turn for the worse.

Kishwar and Suyyash had a tiff with Rishabh when he brought the food inside the bedroom. They told him that he was not allowed to eat food in the bedroom and badger him for not knowing the rule despite being the captain of the house. However, Rishabh refused to listen to them and dropped some food, later asking Prince to clean it up. This infuriated Prince and his friends Kishwar and Suyyash. They picked up a fight with the captain and asked Prince not to clean up the bedroom.

Early in the morning, contestants realised that they were running short on ration. and they try and devise ways to conserve items like coffee, tea, oil and milk. Worried about their health and the ration for the week, the housemates decided that Mandana will cook breakfast because she is more careful about proportions of the food ingredients while Aman uses too much oil.

Mandana is tasked with cooking food. (Colors)

Aman and Rochelle later told Digangana that the other housemates are taking her for granted and she ends up doing all the work. Digangana did not like the food with less oil and ends up wasting it and faced the heat from Suyyash and Kishwar as they yell at her.

Rochelle then informed Mandana and Aman that she has told Kishwar that just because she is friendly with Mandana and Aman, did not mean that she is against Kishwar and Suyaash. They later discussed how Kishwer supported Rishabh in the captaincy task in spite of him having treated her poorly during the hotel task.

Mandana later explained to Puneet why he comes across as an arrogant individual and why his statement about Digangana’s grandmother came across as an emotional blackmail. Adding that even Salman Khan must have not liked his approach, Mandana pointed out that what he should have said instead. Rishabh explained that he was not affected by what Puneet said because he has no problem with Digangana. He added that his hatred is towards her parents alone not Digangana.

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