Bigg Boss 9: Rochelle and Mandana, controversy queens of the house

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  • Updated: Nov 23, 2015 08:14 IST
Rochelle Rao and Mandana Karimi are clearly the best bets this season on Bigg Boss. (COLORS)

This has been a rather dull season of Bigg Boss, with fewer known faces and a way lower number of controversies as compared to previous seasons. There is no drama queen like Imam Siddique, we do not get to see a sizzling affair like that of Kushal and Gauahar and we do not have strong players like Urvashi Dholakia.

What Bigg Boss 9 does offer to its voyeuristic fans is the lethal combination of Rochelle Rao and Mandana Karimi. The season began with the makers banking on Rochelle and her boyfriend Keith Sequeira (who had to leave midway due to his brother’s death but is rumoured to be back soon). Pairing Mandana with Keith as his partner, the show makers definitely wanted to create a love triangle as well as some drama, but Rochelle’s unbelievable trust in her boyfriend ensured no such thing happened.

Keith Sequeira, Mandana Karimi and Rochelle Rao were once besties inside the Bigg Boss 9 house. (COLORS)

Now with Keith gone, Rochelle and Mandana are pitted against each other – one and half month into the new season, the two have already been involved in maximum number of fights inside the house. Here is a quick recap of the major clashes we have seen this season.

Mandana after she was sent to the secret room in Bigg Boss house. (COLORS)

Suyyash-Prince: When Digangana took the carpet out of the house during the task, Sharati Bachche and Rishabh stopped her from going out. Suyyash backed her but Prince claimed that it was against Bigg Boss’ orders to go out of the house. Prince and Suyyash got into an argument and this fight caused a lot of differences to crop up between the two friends.


Mandana-Prince: Bigg Boss day care was all about screams, cries, tantrums and diaper changes. On the second day the caretakers became the trouble-making kids and the kids became the caretakers. Mandana who was sick a day before and didn’t participate in the task got pretty excited when her turn to become the bachcha came on day two. Prince was pretty irritated by Mandana as he felt that she became all well in just a day when the easy part came. Prince repeating this again and again got Mandana really irritated, she got into a fight with Prince where she was seen hurling abuses which got Prince angry and he asked Mandana to behave herself and stop insulting and using bad language every now and then.

Rochelle-Mandana: The relationship between Mandana, Rochelle and Keith was all rosy in the beginning. But soon, it all soured: when Mandana decided to go thank Keith and Rochelle, who had taken care of her when she was unwell, their conversation broke into a fight. Rochelle and Mandana got into a huge argument, culminating in Rochelle asking Keith to stop talking to Mandana.

Rishabh-Prince: During the hotel task, things got a little nasty when Rishabh and Mandana were given the secret task of getting any two housemates irritated so that they would leave the task halfway through. Rishabh went all out to torture the housemates, which got the housemates, especially Prince, really angry. Till date Prince carries a grudge over Rishabh forcing Kishwar, his best friend, to fetch bones for three long hours.

Rochelle- Rishabh: Rochelle and Rishabh had a huge fight that led to Rochelle abusing him back, which got Rishabh agitated and he ended up speaking rudely to her. And in between their tiff, Prince asked Rishabh to back off a little and not cross the line.


Kishwer-Mandana: The ‘Rickshaw’ task was absolutely epic and we got to see so many fights happening every now and then in just one day of the task. Targeting Mandana, Prince poured cold water on her irritating her further. In order to save Mandana’s mic, Kishwer caught hold of the mic and pulled it aside when Mandana suddenly kicked Kishwer on her abdomen.Kishwer’s temper hit the roof and she threw away her mic announcing that she won’t continue with the task. She also asked her team members Suyyash, Prince, Rimi and Puneet to comply with her. This caused a lot of hassle in the Bigg Boss house and a tiff between the two teams broke.

When Mandana kicked Kishwar.

Rochelle-Mandana (Again): While Mandana was playing the kid in the ‘baby care centre’ task, she went bonkers and was seen dancing near the pool while wearing the floating tube. Rochelle, who was her caretaker in the task, went to change Mandana’s diaper but when she tried to pull the diaper, Mandana accused her of physically hurting her. Rochelle was taken aback, and the task quickly disintegrated into another fight between the two.


Rochelle-Mandana (Yet again!): After coming back to the house from the secret room, Mandana was really upset with everyone bitching about her. Surprisingly, it was not Kishwar, but Rochelle (who also did her share of cribbing about Mandana to ensure she is declared safe) who came her line of fire. Mandana accused her of breaking her trust and betraying their friendship. Even Salman grilled Mandana on Saturday for snapping at Rochelle, because she was made a fool during the secret room task. He said Mandana cannot be a true friend to anyone and she proved it after backstabbing Rochelle, who was her ‘best friend’.

Stay tuned for the latest updates from the Bigg Boss house.

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