Bigg Boss 9 recap: Of creepmaster Aman Verma and brat Mandana

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  • Updated: Oct 21, 2015 12:18 IST
Bigg Boss called Aman and Kishwer into the confession room and appointed them as the authority in this week’s task.

Aman Verma’s cartoonish villainy, Mandana’s gradual regression into a rather annoying child and Keith’s firm reminder that he’s too smart for Bigg Boss are some of the things that stood out in Tuesday’s uneven episode.

It all began with a song from Lagaan, which instantly made us wonder how much Ashutosh Gowariker charged them for it and if the conversation was just as long and aimless as one his movies. The usual banter before the action began reminded us once more that Prince is perhaps the slowest person ever to feature on this show, which, incidentally counts the Great Khali as a former contestant.

Chakki peesing: The task for the day inside the house.

Bigg Boss called Aman and Kishwer into the confession room and appointed them as the authority in this week’s task. Aman Verma’s expression upon hearing this news gave us the first Aman Verma creep vibes of the day. He revels in the power given to him and we wonder if he secretly schemes about world domination in his spare time.

Side note: We noticed a pool of creepstains on the confession room couch where Aman Verma was sitting. The task was fairly simple: The housemates were asked to work on a ‘chakki’ and make atta for as lagaan for simple privileges like using the loo etc. Surprisingly, it seemed like Prince understood most of it.

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The task caused a rift between Suyyash and Kishwer in which creepmaster general Aman Verma tried, and failed miserably to intervene. We briefly wondered if the show wants us to feel for the couple but then we regained our senses and reminded ourselves that banshees everywhere probably spontaneously combust every time Kishwer opens her mouth.

Keith is a sight for sore eyes inside Bigg Boss house.

Meanwhile, Roopal confided in Aman that she really wants him as her partner and not Digangana (yeah, she’s still there in case you didn’t notice). So far, her choice in men has been consistently atrocious, so why are we even surprised.

Keith immediately took charge of the group working on the ‘chakki’ because he’s the voice of reason in a horde of insane clowns and whatever the hell Prince Narula is. But even he couldn’t prepare himself for the overgrown brat in a supermodel’s body that is Mandana, who, for some reason, seemed annoyed that her lack of intelligence is alienating.

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Mandana threw multiple tantrums and if she isn’t careful, all she’ll be left with is a bit role in a Bhai film at best or an item number in a Varun Dhawan film at worst. So yeah, better start interest Mandana.

Also, we hope everyone caught her repeatedly calling sippers ‘snippers,’ because that was hilarious. Every time.

Stand out contestant of the day - Keith

Dolly Bindra award for d-bag of the day - Mandana

Too innocent for this s#!t - Arvind

Oh yeah this person was there too - Digangana

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