Bigg Bosss 8: Nigaar has a bad day and Gautam is not the reason

  • PTI, New Delhi
  • Updated: Nov 19, 2014 16:55 IST

While working in the kitchen, Nigaar nags Sonali for random things, irritating her. Sonali snaps back at Nigaar and Khan leaves the kitchen in anger. Later, when Karishma says that Nigaar is too bossy, the latter is offended and breaks down.

Meanwhile, Gautam's at it again and making the most of the 'ruler' status he's got recently.

In Wednesday's episode, he wakes up early to irritate others with his task: From waking up the housemates at 4am to punish them or asking them to make Elaichi milk for him in the middle of the night, he is getting on the nerves of every other inmate and making life difficult for them.

The dictator's ways gives way to rebellion and a new secret task Secret Rebellion Task -- adds to the fun. In this task, the housemates are asked to rebel against Gautam, the ruler of Gautam City.

There are four mini tasks -- planting a microphone in Gautam’s royal chambers, lighting two flare bombs there, defacing all his posters that have been put up around the house, and breaking his statue (in the garden area). The contestants need to complete the task without Gautam knowing about it.

How will Gautam take the rebel housemates? Watch this space for more.

Catch all the drama at 9pm on COLORS TV.

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