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Blockbuster playlist: 5 TV shows you don't want to miss

Sad that Game of Thrones won't be part of your daily routine any more, at least for a year till the fifth season starts? Here's a list that will cheer you up in an instant: 5 new foreign TV series that you just cannot afford to miss.

tv Updated: Jun 27, 2014 16:55 IST
Soumya Srivastava

Struggling with an existential crisis now that the blockbuster Game of Thrones is done for the year? Don't know what'd your life turn into without any of those mind-numbing surprises (or shocks) to look forward to, week after week?

Get out of that miserable ball of sadness you've rolled into and look ahead in life. Here's a list that will cheer you up in an instant: 5 new foreign TV series scheduled to hit a small screen near you very soon. Watch their trailers and tell us if you are as excited about these as us.

1.Doctor Who (Season 8)

No, no! Don't scroll down just yet because you see that big '8' above. And if anyone tells you that you must see all previous episodes of Doctor Who to relate to the new season, ignore the pearls of wisdom. Doctor Who hinges on an amazing theme, and that's what makes it different from the rest.

Here's the plot. A Time Lord called the Doctor (the last surviving alien from planet Gallifrey, whose inhabitants are known for their ability to travel anywhere in time and space, and who look exactly like us, except that they have two hearts), lands on Earth, meets a human (mostly women) and the two go on an adventure together. And since the Doctor need not be confined to any one place, the two can go anywhere, and even transcend time.

For instance, so far the Doctor has warded-off alien witches from Shakespeare's stage, showed Van Gogh his own art gallery in the future, drank with Teddy Roosevelt, fought werewolves with Queen Victoria, married her mother Queen Elizabeth, and snogged King Louis XV's mistress, among other things.

In season 8, Peter Capaldi plays the Doctor. The role was played by younger actors like David Tennant and Matt Smith in the past.

To be aired: In August, on BBC One.


By far the biggest series in this list, Gotham is a prequel to any Batman fiction we have ever seen: like its name suggests, it's about the city of Gotham... but before there was Batman to save it. Detective James Gordon, played by Ben McKenzie of the OC, is the protagonist of the show. One of the most anticipated series, the trailer of the show has already garnered as many as 7.7 million views.

The story begins from where it all started: Martha and Thomas Wayne have been shot in a dark alley of Gotham city and Detective Gordon has been appointed by the Gotham Police to catch the killer. In the process, he forms a strong bond with the Waynes' young son Bruce, played by David Mazouz, who has shown great promise (in whatever little we see of him in the trailer).

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The Batman universe is not only known for its heroes, but also for its rogues' gallery. Some of the most terrifying villains of popular culture are the bi-products of this creation and Gotham will tell you of their origins also. From what we can see in the trailers, we'll get a bioscope vision into the early years of Penguin, Catwoman, Poison Ivy and the Riddler.

To be aired: September on Fox

3. Constantine

If you liked Fargo, which was adapted on screen from a 1996 movie, here is another. Constantine (the movie) was released in 2005 with Keanu Reeves playing the lead. Sadly, the movie didn't do very well at the Box Office.

In the show, however, John Constantine will be played by Matt Ryan (with a really thick Scottish accent). Constantine is adapted from DC comic Hellblazer where the protagonist is a dark magician-cum-exorcist who can see souls and ghouls from another world. He is out on a mission to save his friend's daughter from an unknown peril that is about to engulf them.

The trailer promises good VFX, thrills and chills from gory ghosts and spirits.

To be aired: September, on NBC


Oh the irony! Apparently the internet wasn't ready to take things slow when it came to Flash.

The series' pilot episode (which was scheduled to start in October) got leaked on Youtube on June 25. The producers, however, learned from the Flash and were quick to take it down.

After Gotham and Constantine, Flash adds to the DC Comic fest on the small screen this year. He was introduced to us in another series Arrow in the initial episodes, so it would be safe to say that this series is actually a spin-off of Arrow.

Flash is the story of Barry Allen, who saw an unexplained phenomenon kill his mother when he was a child. He is struck by lightning one evening, and when he rose from being comatose for nine month, he found himself changed. Barry could now self heal and run faster than lightning.

The conception and production seem to resonate with what we saw in the Spiderman series with Andrew Garfield. Grant Gustin, who plays Flash, also looks a lot like him.

To be aired: In October, on The CW


Taking a cue from the Indian entertainment industry perhaps, Fox has prepared a scene-by-scene adaptation of ITV's Broadchurch and made an 'Americanised' version titled Gracepoint.

The tenth Doctor (from Doctor Who), David Tennant, is reprising his role as Detective Emmett Carver (Alec Hardy in Broadchurch) and with him will be the woman who played Walter White's much-hated wife, Anna Gunn.

The story revolves around a small, peaceful town of Gracepoint when one day the dead body of a young boy is found. As the threads start pulling one after another, we realize that the small town has big secrets of crime and passion.

Those of us who have seen Broadchurch can promise you that you are in for a good series all the while hoping that Fox does something special with Gracepoint so we could watch it too.

To be aired: In September, on Fox.

Finish these five and we'll tell you about more series as and when they are launched. Early 2015 will see Better Call Saul, House of Cards, State of Affairs be released, keep hooked for more!