Chat show formats force you to be fake: Cyrus Sahukar

  • Anjuri Nayar, Hindustan Times, New Delhi
  • Updated: Nov 07, 2014 18:50 IST

"I am sure you are aware of the awkward conversation in the beginning of an interview," says Cyrus Sahukar, while we tried to get him to spill the beans on the common mistakes made on chat show interviews.

The actor, who now has his own chat show, adds that it is the ­formality displayed on these shows which takes away the candidness from them. "I feel that the format of a chat show makes you fake. Most of the time, actors come on a chat show to promote their films, so how can they be themselves when their aim is to promote something," he asks.

After having conducted numerous interviews throughout his career, Cyrus can clearly remember the worst one. "I feel the most embarrassing interview was when I had to interact with Ajay Devgn and Kajol ­regarding their upcoming film and I read up about the wrong movie. It was right in the middle of the interview when they pointed it out," he says.

The actor has his own online version of the chat show and he says it is an ode to other chat shows. In the show, a series of five minute barbs are shown, where Cyrus shows what an ­interview with a celebrity is really like. It takes a dig at the fake warmth and intimacy of celebrity interviews aired on television. "I would not call my show a spoof on a chat show, as a spoof makes the joke evident. It is more of an ode to people who are trying to make chat shows today," he says, adding that the first guest on the show, ­filmmaker Karan Johar, was amazing to talk to.

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