Cherish the memories and move on: Jennifer Winget’s mom on her divorce

  • Kavita Awaasthi, Hindustan Times, Mumbai
  • Updated: May 07, 2016 18:16 IST
Jennifer Winget says her mother constantly kept her grounded to her roots. “I may be considered a star by the world, but at home, I still live by her values and rules,” she says.

Jennifer Winget and her mother, Prabha Winget, live only a few buildings away from each other in a Mumbai suburb. The close distance allows them to see each other frequently.

Because of that, Jennifer says that she “constantly feels grounded” to her roots.

In fact, the popular TV actor feels lucky to have her mother’s support at all times.

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On Mother’s Day (May 8), she talks about how her mum has taught her to follow her gut, and why Jennifer doesn’t like that she worries about her so much.

What have you learnt from your mom?

How to make rotis, and the fact that a little humour goes a long way. Over the years, we’ve learnt how to laugh at ourselves, grow from our mistakes, pick up the pieces and keep moving ahead. She has constantly kept me grounded to my roots. I may be considered a star by the world, but at home, I still live by her values and rules.

What are the qualities that you have imbibed from your mom?

Growing up, I silently wished that I’d become as stylish as her. I like the way she holds the fort and manages to keep her grace intact. I look up to her for that. She has urged both me and my brother, to follow our instincts. My mom taught us to live wholeheartedly.

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What would you like her to change about herself?

I would want her to stop worrying so much. I know she will make a face when she reads this, but that’s the one and only thing that she needs to change.

When was the last time you embarrassed her?

I’d like to hear her answer to this one. I hope I’ve done her proud so far. But looking back at my days in school, and the way I used to dress, I’m sure I have given her several embarrassing instances that make her squirm even today.

On Mother’s Day, TV actor Jennifer Winget talks to us about how her mum has inspired her.

What was the last special thing you did for your mom?

Even a simple family dinner is special for her. But, what’s more special is when she tricks me into cooking for her, while she takes a break.

What advice did she give you when you were going through your divorce?

A divorce is hard, and while we may struggle with a ton of emotions and questions during that period, I know that our parents go through a grieving process of their own, one that goes unseen. That saddened me the most. The advice that came from my mom was that no man can determine my happiness. She asked me to mourn the loss, but to cherish the memories, accept, let go and move on.

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