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Come dance with me

Bruna Abdulla, hot Brazilian model, is shaking a leg on television right now. She’s also going yackety yak with Rachana Dubey.

tv Updated: Jan 01, 2009 20:53 IST
Rachana Dubey

Apparently, you were getting cosy with cricketer Yuvraj Singh at a Jaipur party?

Who? Who’s that? I don’t even know what that man looks and sounds like. How can I be at a party with him and get cosy too? I wasn’t even in Jaipur. My boyfriend Sunny Sara called me and asked me about the gossip item.. but then we laughed it off.

Isn’t (restaurateur) Sunny Sara the reason why you’re here?

Of course he is. No one else can be and never will be.

What happens to your studies which you left halfway in Brazil?

I don’t have back-up plans on that. I was 16 when I started travelling for fashion shows and modelling assignments. I was supposed to have graduated in economics but well, now I don’t think there’s any chance of that.

So, how’s it going on

Dancing Queen


So far, so good. . I love my partner. She’s a wonderful girl.. needy but dignified. She’s a fabulous dancer too. I came here alone but when I go back after the show ends, I will have a friend to take back with me. As far as scores are concerned, we haven’t dropped below eight on 10.

Who’s your toughest competition?

Singling out anyone would be unfair because everyone on the show is fantastic dancer. I’ve been around for two years maybe but they have spent a lifetime here. So, I would consider all of them as tough contenders.. whether it’s Sambhavana (Seth) or Deepshikha (Nagpal).

Whom would you rate as the likely winner?

That’s too early to predict. It’s just been three weeks. And winning is not everything. There’s a noble cause behind the show.. for me, helping my partner grow in life and succeed as a dancer is the only aim to be on the show. And of course, I get to dance too.

Apparently, Sambhavna Seth has injured herself?

Oh yeah, that was really sad. But I must say she’s spirited. She danced as if she had no injuries, she didn’t let her partner down. I love her fighting spirit.

What about the judges, Jeetendra and Hema Malini? Do you find their marking system objective?

I have no complaints. They tell us quite frankly where we’re going wrong. And I appreciate healthy criticism.

Have you faced any rude comments so far? No, thankfully none.. though I know that’s pretty much the scene at most shows.

What about movie offers?

After that cameo song,




, there were plenty of offers for such songs. But I’m not interested.

There were offers for acting roles too. But I don’t know if I want to be in the movies right now. I am young, I have time on hand to think and thaw.

You won’t do a role even if good friend Salman Khan offers it to you?

No, no. And we were never good friends. I know him a bit, that’s all.

So, will it be more TV shows after

Dancing Queen

wraps up?

There are TV offers but

Dancing Queen

is taking up most of my time and energy.

Don’t you think accepting a dance reality show after a movie dance has slotted you as an item girl?

I know a lot of people who call me an item girl. I don’t know what that means but yes, I am a dancer. Period.