Does this Watson want any action with Sherlock? Not really, says Lucy Liu

  • Shweta Mehta Sen, Hindustan Times, New Delhi
  • Updated: Dec 26, 2014 16:35 IST

Arguably the most unusual role Lucy Liu has played in her career is that of Joan — a female version of Sherlock Holmes’s accomplice, John Watson, in the TV show,


. And the actor admits that lots of fans question her about a possible romantic equation between the two at some point in the story.

“We’ve gone off the literature in a lot of ways, but the fact that we’re sticking to the relationship between the two is incredibly important. That dynamic will sort of be the undercurrent for whatever case they’re working on,” says the American actor, adding, “There are many interesting cases, and the way they are solved is even more interesting. But what really keeps you coming back for more is their friendship, the depth of it, and how it continues to grow. I think it’s more dramatic in some ways to see the tension between two people that never get together.”

The 46-year-old actor adds, “There was a woman who once told me that after her son turned 10, they had a bit of a split, and she thought maybe he was going through puberty, and it was sort of sad for her. But the one thing they did together every week was watch the show. She was so grateful for us having it, and bringing her together with her son. They have something to talk about at breakfast and at dinner,” she recalls, when asked about the kind of feedback she gets for the show.

Liu says that she is often surprised when she or her co-stars receive compliments for the show. “You work in your own little vortex, and don’t think about what the show really does or that people watch and enjoy it,” she says.

At a press conference in Los Angeles, USA, Liu says that she didn’t know much about her character when she signed up for the show, which is currently on air on AXN. In the ongoing third season, for the first time Sherlock and Watson’s characters are shown growing apart. When asked about it, she says, “If allis always hunky-dory, it doesn’t make it interesting. It’s good to see Sherlock take responsibility because Joan is forcing him to. I think if you enable someone to behave the way they do, they’ll never really look at themselves. So, that tension between them, I think, is going to add to this season.”

Liu adds that she has been acting for long enough to have a better picture of the industry. “You can’t grow without knowing what goes on behind the scenes. For example, if someone is an hour late, 200 people are paid for an extra hour. It affects everything; especially in a small movie where you may not be able to finish the film because you lost half your budget with someone showing up late,” she said.

Shweta Mehta Disclaimer: The writer’s trip to Los Angeles was sponsored by AXN India and hosted by CBS Studios.

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