Dolly Bindra says Radhe Maa threatening her, files complaint

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  • Updated: Sep 18, 2015 14:45 IST
Controversy-beseiged Radhe Maa is again in storm's eye. Her former devotee Dolly Bindra (r) has complained to police that she is being threatened by the self-styled spiritual guru.

TV actor Dolly Bindra, whom we saw in Bigg Boss Season 4, has approached the Mumbai police commissioner Rakesh Maria, and alleged that she is being threatened by Radhe Maa. Bindra used to be a devotee of the controversial spiritual leader herself.

In a letter to Maria, Bindra has said that she has been receiving threatening calls. "I am getting life-threatening calls and I doubt on Radhe Maa, MM Gupta, and Asaram's followers over it. I have filed a complaint and the police will investigate the matter," Bindra said.

Bindra had earlier tweeted that she was a devotee of

Radhe Maa

but stopped visiting her a few years ago.

The Mumbai-based 50-year-old Radhe Maa has become a social media rage after a video clip emerged of her dancing to a Bollywood tune and still images showed her lounging on a sofa in a red miniskirt and knee-high boots. Radhe Maa appears before her legions of devotees in glittering red saris, heavy jewellery and make-up with a trishul, or trident, in her hand.


Dolly Bindra alleges threat to life, files complaint against Radhe Maa

On Sunday, the Mumbai Police had issued summons to Radhe Maa to record her statement in connection with a dowry harassment case and she has to appear within four days at the Kandivali Police station. A woman had earlier complained that Radhe Maa instigated her husband and in-laws to harass her for dowry.

In more trouble for Radhe Maa, an advocate in Bhopal lodged a complaint against her for hurting religious sentiments. Bollywood and TV industry, where Radhe Maa has a dedicated following, has also been divided in two camps. While Rishi Kapoor openly trolled her, filmmaker Subhash Ghai had come out in her support.

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