Exes Kushal and Gauahar are fighting on social media. Over a headline

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  • Updated: Jul 14, 2016 16:43 IST
Exes Gauahar Khan and Kushal Tandon are at each others’ throats after the latter said that he will never talk to her in an interview. (Colors)

When HT ran an interview with Kushal Tandon on Monday, little did we know that it will start an all-out war between the TV actor and his ex-girlfriend Gauahar Khan.

In the interview, we asked Kushal if he is still in contact with Gauahar, with whom he broke up two years ago. Kushal said, “It is possible (to be friends with exes), but we (Gauahar and him) are not friends. I don’t want to be friends. I am friends with two of my former girlfriends though.”

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This seemed to have angered Gauahar. After reading the interview, she retaliated with a message on image-sharing website Snapchat saying, “It is so disappointing to read that some people need your name to make headlines even in their work articles. Get over it. There are two golden words that people can use. ‘No Comments’. You don’t need to answer everything that the journalist asks.”

Later, on Wednesday, Kushal spoke to online tabloid Miss Malini and said that HT spun his words into something he didn’t say. “I was giving this interview to HT about my new show. In that the journalist just asked me if I’m on talking terms with Gauahar Khan. Is it bad if I say I don’t talk to my exes, that’s not my style? I’m old-school. I don’t talk to my ex-girlfriends. That’s it! On that, if a journalist twists a statement and makes a headline ‘Kushal doesn’t want to talk to Gauahar…’ or whatever it is – cut to, I slam the HT people on my Twitter clearly telling them off that it’s not cool of them to misquote me,” he said.

He even talked about Gauhar and said, “If Gauahar Khan wants to Snapchat stuff implying I need to use her name to get a headline in a paper – that’s uncool of her. And how is she questioning my upbringing? My upbringing is that I talk straight. I don’t talk to my ex-girlfriend. That’s it. Your upbringing is Snapchating and questioning my upbringing and saying I need your name. I don’t. Gauahar saying that there are two golden words to use – that are “no comments,” then that’s her rule. If a person is asking me something, I don’t have to reserve comment. I’m a straightforward guy. If her ego hurts basis that, that’s really her problem and her upbringing.”

Now, we can’t figure out when or where Gauahar said anything about anyone’s ‘upbringing’ but Kushal clearly seems to have taken offence at the alleged reference.

Gauahar won the seventh season of Bigg Boss. (Colors)

The two started dating on reality show Bigg Boss 7 and became audience favourites.Kushal was evicted from the show and Gauahar voluntarily left soon after. Both of them were back on the show a few days later and Gauahar went on to win Bigg Boss 7.

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