From Sana Shiekh to Ali Asgar: TV stars share their Eid memories

  • Kavita Awaasthi, Hindustan Times, Mumbai
  • Updated: Jul 05, 2016 19:44 IST
Iqbal Khan, who has bought toys for his daughter Ammaara, says he has explained the importance of Eid and charity to her.

Due to their hectic work schedules, TV actors hardly get time off to celebrate festivals with their families and friends. But that doesn’t stop them from looking forward to spending some time with their loved ones. Here, TV stars share their memories of last year’s Eid and reveal their plans for this one.

Iqbal Khan celebrated Eid with his entire family in Kashmir last year.

Iqbal Khan
This photo is from last year’s Eid. We were in Kashmir. Our entire family got together after a long time. My brother, who lives in the US, my sister, who lives in Australia, and my older sister, who lives in Kashmir, came with their respective spouses and kids. It was a full house and a splendid celebration. We had an amazing time. This year, after the namaz, I will devour the sheer korma made by my wife. I will wear new clothes. I repeat my outfits at times, but my wife and daughter never do. We will go out to a restaurant of my daughter’s choice for lunch and visit some close friends. As money doesn’t excite Ammaara (his daughter), I have got her toys and have explained to her the importance of Eid and charity.

Ali Asgar will go out for lunch this Eid with his family.

Ali Asgar
I was shooting for my TV show last year. After the 7am namaz, I had some sweets at home and left for the shoot. Later that evening, my family went out for dinner. It was a simple affair. This year, my ten-year-old daughter has fasted along with my wife and me. We will go out for lunch as I am not shooting this year.

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Sana Amin Sheikh will be shooting this year, so she will not have an Eid party at her house.

Sana Amin Sheikh
Last year, I had a get-together at my house with my close friends. We had biryani and sheer korma. Sonu Nigam (singer) was the special guest. This year, as he is unwell and won’t be able to make it, I will visit him, and take biryani and sheer korma with me. Now that I am married and living with my husband, we won’t throw a party as both of us are working on different TV shows. Though I have to shoot on Eid, I will visit my mom and sister.

Faisal Khan has invited some close friends over for a feast.

Faisal Khan
Last year, we celebrated Eid in our new house. That made the day even more special. We offered namaz and enjoyed the delicious dishes made by my mother - sevaiya, sheer korma, and biryani. I spent quality time with my family. This year, I will celebrate Eid at home as I have invited some close friends over for a feast.

Mohsin Khan is thrilled to have a day off on Eid and looks forward to celebrating it with his family.

Mohsin Khan
Last year, I was shooting for my TV show the whole day. When I reached home that evening, my family surprised me with a decorated house, with many cousins and friends present. It was beautiful. This year, I have an off, so I will enjoy the festivities with my family and friends.

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