Game of Thrones episode 2 spoiler-free review: Why are we surprised?

  • Soumya Srivastava, Hindustan Times, New Delhi
  • Updated: May 02, 2016 13:30 IST
Ramsay is the best son ever. (HBO)

Some call Home (episode two, season six) of HBO’s Game of Thrones the best episode of the series. Do I agree? Very much, except for the ending. But we’ll get to that.

This episode was bloody. Now, while that’s something GOT is known for, this episode seemed especially gory because it had many singularly gut-wrenching moments of horror — with people dying every time you blink. The goriest of deaths came on account of Ramsay Bolton. Each time you think he cannot possibly get any worse, he goes ahead and proves your innocent self wrong. What can be worse than raping a woman and making a man, whom she considers her brother, watch? Watch Home and you’ll know.

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If only Bran’s entire storyline was the visions. (HBO)

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We were finally reunited with Bran, Hodor and Meera, but their storyline still seems boring and pales in comparison with the others. Home clarifies why Bran looked like he was walking in trailers, and gives a rare, sweet moment with Hodor from before he became a Pokemon.

Tyrion and his attempts to befriend Danny’s dragons. (HBO)

Silver-tongued Tyrion tries to make BFFs with Dany’s dragons in what is, according to me, the best moment of the episode. No matter how fierce you are, you will turn into a sorry marshmallow if Tyrion tells you about his horrid childhood.

Ser Davos wants Melisandre to do what we have wanted her to do for an entire year. But will she? (HBO)

Also, here’s a suggestion: Keep away from the Internet. The Jon Snow situation will be addressed, and you will have closure. What that closure will be is for you to see. And because you don’t know what actually happens, will you ever take death seriously if he comes back? The demise of characters matters more than any other plot twist because death — as a circumstance — is final. You don’t want Jon Snow to become the next Mihir Virani, do you?

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