Game of Thrones episode 3 review: of breaking chains and gloom

  • Vishakha Saxena, Hindustan Times, New Delhi
  • Updated: Apr 21, 2014 19:05 IST

Things in Westeros may be all heated up but the third episode of Game of Thrones (GoT), Breaker of Chains, brought grim tidings.

Seldom have we seen a GoT episode where you keep on waiting for a boom and it just wouldn't happen. The episode was neither bad nor slow but it definitely left one slightly dissatisfied. It wouldn't be wrong to say, though, that this is probably a hangover of the Purple Wedding.

That said, Breaker of Chains had a whole lot of moments which made a strong statement and did beautiful justice to its theme.

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With Joffrey dead, it's now up to Tommen Lannister to take the throne and Tywin, knowing he is a lot more malleable than Joffrey ever was, has taken full control despite Cersie's protests. Besides, the episode has a lot more grief in store for the queen. The series has often moved away from the books but today's episode was a big change. In fact, as far as Jaime Lannister's fans are concerned, the Kingslayer's likeability is set to fall many notches down after today's episode.

Things are definitely not looking up for everyone's favorite Tyrion Lannister, as almost everyone in the realm seems intent on pinning Joffrey's death on him. And with Sansa on the run, it doesn't look like much is going to change. Oh and about Sansa, she meets an old scheming friend (who's worse than foe, by the way), marking the return of another crucial character to the series.

In the North, the rising threat of the King-beyond-the-wall Mance Rayder and his wildling army looks quite scary. There's enough violence in the episode thanks to them and the Thenns (the cannibals). The wall too is all worked up about being way too undermanned to tackle the crazies. Sam's got issues of his own, namely Gilly.

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The episode ends on a very apt note with the Mother of Dragons attempting to break the chains off slaves in another city. And the ending makes an impact without much boom thanks to some brilliant screenplay. Hats off to Benioff and Weiss for nailing it every single time. The dragons, however, were sorely missed. Others missing in action this week were Reek, Ramsay Snow, the Red Woman and Bran.

So all in all, the episode will keep you hooked despite being a tad out of energy. And don't be surprised if it all just turns out to be the lull before a GoT-styled storm.

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