Game of Thrones review: Thanks Melisandre for all the speculation fodder

  • Soumya Srivastava, Hindustan Times, New Delhi
  • Updated: Apr 26, 2016 07:27 IST
It was heartbreaking to hear Cersei talk about her dead daughter.


Game of Thrones tied up many loose ends and left us at a cruel cliff-hanger in the first episode of season 6, which was probably also the best opening to the series so far.

First, we address the elephant in the room: The Red Woman. But of course, something big is going to happen to you in an episode if it’s titled after you.

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Melisandre is revealed to be a woman who has definitely seen a few centuries go by. She is hundreds of years old, and makes herself look younger through an illusion (a la Mother Gothel).

Yes, we knew she could do magic but now we know she is – more importantly – experienced. Perhaps Jon Snow does have a chance. How she does it, though, is still unknown. Could it be the choker? What was that vial? But Davos has made up his mind to seek her help, and we are more positive about this than we were before.

The titular Red Woman gave us plenty of speculation fodder. (HBO )

It was heartbreaking to hear Cersei talk about her dead daughter. Her rare reveals of humanity come only when her children are in danger. And now, after what happened to her last season, she is more intent on bemoaning her loss than plotting revenge against the Sparrows.

Indira Varma has a more prominent role this season. (HBO )

The Sands overthrow the entire Dorne royalty in just a few very bloody seconds. Looks like they will not be contained anymore (notice how Indira Varma’s name now appears earlier on in the credits).

Also, it seems as if Daenerys is out of trouble for now, though one cannot trust the new Khal to keep his word.

The new Khal cannot be trusted. (HBO )

Sansa finally accepted Brienne’s services in a scene that reminded us a lot of Catelyn. What happens to Jon? We will have to wait for another week at least.

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