Holiday gifts for How I Met Your Mother fans

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  • Updated: Dec 08, 2014 15:27 IST

Great news for fans of How I Met Your Mother and Ted Mosby - the long-winded narrator who spent nine seasons telling his children their love story. Here is a selection of gifts for friends of Ted, Robin, Marshall, Lily and Barney.

Yellow Umbrella

Another of the sitcom's recurring items, the famous yellow umbrella was constantly passed back and forth between Ted Mosby and the future mother of his children. Each appearance of the accessory tried the patience of viewers, who were eager to finally see the mysterious character's face. A version with the show's logo, also available through the CBS online store, is priced at $18.50.

The Complete Series DVD Boxed Set

For the first time, all nine seasons featuring the five friends are available on DVD in a single boxed set. Among the bonus features are an alternative ending to the controversial one revealed in March, as well as a deleted scene that explains the famous pineapple incident, a mystery that remained unsolved while the show was on TV. The set is available from Amazon with a list price of $179.98.

Ducky Tie

This is one gift that is totally "legen...wait for it...dary!" A key reference among fans of the show, this is the tie that Barney Stinson had to wear for an entire year after losing a bet with Lily and Marshall. CBS sells a replica through its online store for $24.95.

Let's Go to the Mall T-Shirt

Though the uninitiated may see only an invitation to go shopping, HIMYM fans will recognize a nod to Robin. During her formative years in Canada, the journalist had a brief stint as a teen pop star with her hit "Let's Go to the Mall," an endless source of amusement for her four friends. The tote is available at for $28.50.

Blue French Horn

Another essential reference among HIMYM fans, this musical instrument is the quintessential symbol of Ted and Robin's relationship. In a demonstration of his love for her, Ted steals the horn, which they noticed in a restaurant during their first date. A tree ornament presented in a wooden box and available from for $24.95 pays homage to this romantic gesture. Other versions of the instrument are available on Amazon.

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