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How I Met Your Mother, the new FRIENDS

tv Updated: Jun 09, 2012 01:30 IST
Robin Bansal
Robin Bansal
Hindustan Times
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With seven seasons, nine million weekly viewers and six Emmy Awards to its credit, American sitcom, How I Met Your Mother (HIMYM) has certainly made a mark in its league. So much so that the show, which made its debut in 2005, is now being compared to another TV favourite — Friends.

Brandon Christianson, an American showbiz expert told us, “HIMYM has surface-level similarities with Friends, but both have their own charm. While Friends left fans yearning for more, this show filled the void with its cheekiness.” Blogger Matt Cherette writes, “The format is Friends-like but HIMYM comes with cheerful energy.” The seventh season of HIMYM airs on Star World in India, and fans agree with critics. “I like HIMYM because of its adult humour. It’s a dirtier version of Friends,” says Anuj Jindal. Nikita Singhal adds, “For me, HIMYM wins.”

Looking at similarities — both shows revolve around friends living in New York, with a favourite hangout place. Joey in Friends (Matt LeBlanc) and Barney in HIMYM (Neil Patrick Harris) are both flirty and fun. Barney is also a master of sarcasm, just like Chandler (Matthew Perry). While Ross (David Schwimmer) and Marshall (Jason Segel) play nerds, Robin (Cobie Smulders) and Ted’s (Josh Radner) relationship is reminiscent of that of Ross and Rachel’s (Jennifer Aniston).

Compare the characters: Character trait HIMYM/Friends
Womansier: Barney/Joey
Hopeless romantic: Ted/Ross
Career woman: Lily/Rachel
Don’t like to lose: Robin/Monica
Man-child: Marshall/Chandler

Which How I Met Your Mother character are you?
Choose one of five options that describes you best.

1 Do you feel that you have a responsibility towards society?
A. Society? Is it a new gadget?
B. Yes, I do. But if it comes in my way, I may overlook it.
C. Yes, I really do. And I mean it.
D. Sometimes. But I am mostly too busy with my life to bother.
E. Yeah, I do and I try to do my bit.

2 How do you remember your childhood?
A. It was awesome. It feels great to grow up!
B. It was good. And I will tell my children all about it.
C. Yeah it was good, but with sibling rivalry.
D. I don’t want to talk about it!
E. It was okay — with its own ups and downs.

3 What do your teenage years mean to you?
A. My ticket to adulthood.
B. Responsibilities, career struggles etc
C. The perfect time for sports!
D. The age for being a rockstar. Forget the rules!
E. It’s all about experimenting with romance.

4 Do you believe in everlasting love?
A. Seriously? As in forever?
B. Yes. No. Maybe yes.
C. Yes, and truly so.
D. Umm...
E. Life takes its own course. Can’t say.

5 How do you feel about yourself?
A. I am awesome!
B. I am perfectly okay, I guess.
C. I come with my own pros and cons.
D. I am good. Literally.
E. I am just about fine.

Depending on your answers, see which character are you most like:
A- Barney Stinson
B- Ted Mosby
C- Marshall Eriksen
D- Robin Scherbatsky
E- Lily Aldrin

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