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Isha Koppikar in action mode!

Isha Koppikar, the hostess of Colors’ 100 Per Cent De Dhana Dhan, on wrestling, wedding and everything in between.

tv Updated: Aug 25, 2009 20:15 IST
Rachana Dubey

Isha Koppikar, the hostess of Colors’ 100 Per Cent De Dhana Dhan, on wrestling, wedding and everything in between.

What are you doing in a show that revolves around men and ‘kushti’?
I’m trained in martial arts and I love watching wrestling and WWF fights on TV. Watching the action live is even better. I’ve always wanted to be part of a sports-oriented show. And since I’m the only woman on the show, I know I won’t be sidelined.

You’re friends with these big guys?
I know a few of them and they seem to like me. They have great bodies and great appetites too.

Any favourites?
I don’t want to name two and upset the rest. Both the ‘desis’ and the firangs are impressive.

But will they find many takers?
Unless you put money in stocks, how can you make money? Sure, the market may crash but that doesn’t stop millions from taking a risk. Just because we don’t have a wrestling show on prime time doesn’t mean that this one won’t work. People enjoy WWF. Sometimes risks pay off really well.

But wrestling is considered a dying sport in India.
I agree it’s no longer followed but at one time, it was a rage. Youngsters love watching those firangi wrestlers ‘act’ it out in the ring but don’t watch our men actually doing ‘do-do haath’. Hopefully, 100 Per Cent will be for wrestling what Chak De! India was for women’s hockey.

Women’s wrestling is in dire situation too.
If this show with men succeeds, we’ll think of a sequel with women. If men are lacking attention, women must be starved for it.

Reality shows are often believed to be rigged..
(Cuts in) I don’t think that applies here. Dara Singh is mentoring the ‘desi’ wrestlers so, they will put up strong competition. The South Africans are well-prepared too. It’s going to be a healthy fight. This is not a sport to be fixed!

Have you ever wrestled?
Nope but I’ve had pillow fights with my brother when we were kids.

Does your boyfriend Timmy Narang follow the sport?

He didn’t till sometime ago but now he’s hooked on to every sport because often that’s the topic of discussion on the
dining table and he doesn’t want to leave a chance to impress me.

Does he have a say in your career decisions?
Not unless I ask him for advice. There are occasions when I’m confused about whether I should take up a project or let it pass. That’s when he steps in.

Everyone has been talking about an early marriage..
(Laughs) Except Timmy and me. We will marry for sure but we haven’t decided when. But you press guys seem to know that the wedding is in November and December. Some even say it’s October.

On the movie-front, you haven’t had a hit in a long time?
There are two-three projects lined-up for release this year. I’m keeping my toes and fingers crossed. I’m carefully choosing my projects instead of grabbing anything that sounds slightly interesting because I now know what happens when you make wrong choices!