Mimicry should not cross a line: Ali Asgar

  • Anjuri Nayar Singh, Hindustan Times, New Delhi
  • Updated: Dec 04, 2014 23:17 IST

While most comics thrive on the opportunity to mimic some of the biggest stars on Bollywood, actor-comedian Ali Asgar (above) feels that there is a thin line between mimicking someone and hurting them.

Recently, comedian Kiku Sharda aka Palak’s Faroj Khan was not appreciated by choreographer Saroj Khan, and Asgar feels that the joke shouldn’t have crossed a limit. "It depends on how you take it. You’re trying to copy someone, and make it funny, so you do tend to go overboard so that the actor can be identified. However, the joke shouldn’t be below the belt," says Ali, adding "I feel that it should be taken in a healthy way from both sides."

Meanwhile, the actor has recently signed a film as well, and says that he is trying to balance his ongoing comedy show as well as the film. "I did not want to take up a film earlier as I was also a part of a daily show along with Kapil’s show. So, I had no time for anything. But now that the daily show is over, I feel that I have time for films as well," says Ali, who was reported to have rejected Salman Khan’s Kick in the past, due to time constraints.

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