My heart and soul are in my TV show: Iqbal Khan

  • Kavita Awaasthi, Hindustan Times, Mumbai
  • Updated: May 30, 2014 19:40 IST

While most small-screen actors see television as a stepping stone to films, Iqbal Khan is happy working on the small screen.

Having started his career in films, he turned to television when the opportunity arose and has been enjoying a successful stint in serials for nine years now. He’s looking forward to the release of his third film, Unforgettable, which he completed before starting his current TV show, but says he has no desire to juggle films and TV together. In this chat, he tells us about his acting preferences and his new film.

You’ve had a good run on TV so far. Are you considering doing more films now?
By the grace of God, I have done well on television, and my show is number one on the channel. I am happy doing this one project, and don’t see myself taking up any other work right now. If any interesting offer does come my way, I will consider it once my show is over. I won’t leave the show.

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Your film was shot a while back; why did it take so long to release?

Every film that doesn’t start with a presenter usually takes time to lock a release date and that’s what happened here. Luckily, I have a good producer, who decided to release the film.

Now, with the release, will you become one of those actors who manage both TV and films?
When you play the lead on a show, you shoot all month, almost 12 hours a day and get three or four days off. I would rather spend my free time with my family than rushing off for another assignment. I believe in giving my best to one project. My heart and soul are in my TV show, and I am enjoying my work. So, I don’t see myself handling both TV and films.
I think most people who do it either have short roles in their shows or aren’t giving enough time. Otherwise, it is not possible to keep switching between the two.

Looking back, do you think TV was a better career option for you?
I still don’t know if TV is a better career option for me or films; whichever option works is good. Right now, TV is working for me, so I think that is a good career option for now. But what if a film works out tomorrow?

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