New web series: Move over TV, here comes #LoveBytes

  • Deepshikha Bhattacharyya, Hindustan Times, Kolkata
  • Updated: Sep 09, 2015 10:46 IST
#LoveBytes is India's first-ever show exclusively for the digital platform.

The hackneyed saas-bahu sagas running on TV for ages are often a turnoff for today's youth. They steer clear of these unoriginal soap operas. That is where the new web series #LoveBytes scores. The show is India's first-ever show exclusively for the digital platform.

The 26-part series, which stars Kushal Punjabi and Sukhmani Sadana, portrays the trials and tribulations of the leading characters Ananya and Abhishek. With an urban flavor, the series underlines what makes these two very different individuals click and clash. It also elucidates all those things that are necessary for an urban Indian relationship to sustain itself and the daily challenges that come in the way.

Talking about the show on Sony LIV, Punjabi says, "Today TV is big and now we are going to an even smaller screen. I want to be there at the inception of this new era (of app-based shows). This is something new and I readily agreed when I was approached for the show." Echoing Punjabi's views, Sadana, says, "This web series targets the youth. The concept is cool and keeping with the changing times. However, it's not only about a live-in relationship. It deals with the real life situations of a young couple. Here the target audience is not limited."

Vishal Mull, director of the show.

The show, which begins on September 7, is directed by Vishal Mull. "When I approached Sony with the concept, they were excited. Since it's on the app, there is no chance that you will miss the show. The reach is wider. Each episode is about five-seven minutes long and technically it's superb," says Mull.

Talking about his future projects, Punjabi, who was seen in the recently concluded Zindagi Wins, says he goes with the flow. "I go by the day. I did an Indo-French film and a couple of other shows. For the time I am concentrating on #LoveBytes and I don't know anything after that. I have been approached for a couple of reality shows. I am bored. I am waiting for something interesting."

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