Once Upon A Time is about to get Frozen!

  • Soumya Srivastava, Hindustan Times, New Delhi
  • Updated: Jul 03, 2014 16:19 IST

Once Upon a Time is about to get a lot ‘cooler’. The fictional television show which runs on the themes of various fairy tales will have characters from Disney’s


animation film Frozen in its next season, suggest reports.


News is that the production team has already cast actors for two lead characters, Anna and Kristoff.

Anna, the little sister of ice queen Elsa, will be played by Elizabeth Lail while the ice merchant and Anna’s love interest Kristoff will be played by Scott Michael Foster who was seen in Chasing Life. Sadly, however, the actor who will play Queen Elsa herself has not yet been revealed.

The third season of the series ended with a short clip that showed Elsa from behind, rising from a pool of water and removing her hand-gloves, heading out of a barn in resolute walk. The cliffhanger left many fans of the series gasping for more.

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The series is about a small town of Storybrooke where the residents are characters from fairytales who, under the influence of a powerful curse, have forgotten their true stories. It has featured the tales of Snow White, Peter Pan among others so far.

Frozen is the story of Queen Elsa who has magical powers that can control ice. She unwittingly freezes her town while trying to run away from the townsfolk who consider her a threat and is then pursued by her younger sister who doesn’t know of her powers.

Rumour has it that this time around, Queen Elsa will not be portrayed as the sweet and kind queen we all saw in the movie but how she originally was written, evil and cruel.

Well, seems like all we can do is wait until the next season.

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