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Rahul Mahajan gears up for swayamvar

Rahul Mahajan, who claims he would marry on reality show Rahul Dulhaniya Le Jayega, chose the 15 finalist would-be brides himself. Read on to know what he is upto.

tv Updated: Jan 15, 2010 16:01 IST
Rachana Dubey

Why did you get involved in selecting the finalist probable brides?

I fortunately didn’t have to sit through the initial processes. I only sat through the auditions of the top 60 girls out of 16,500 girls. And then, I took the profiles of the top 15 girls to my mother. She approved of them. That’s how they made it to the final list. I sat through the process because this marriage is a life altering decision for me.

You seem to have a liking for Bengali women. Five of the 15 participants are Bengalis.

I love their language and culture. It’s so rich. Their language sounds extremely sweet. They are educated girls. They’re into one art form or the other. But let me be honest, I didn’t choose them just because they are Bengali. Their personalities are such that I couldn’t have ignored them.

You were anxious before the auditions began.

(Smiles) Not anymore. Now, I am looking forward to tie the knot by the end of the next two months. I’ve already planned my honeymoon. Now, I just need my honey to realise that dream.

What’s the plan?

We’ll set off to a tropical place, with beaches and breeze. I would ideally not want her or me to carry mobile phones with us. Even laptops are banned on our honeymoon. It has to be a beautiful process of getting to know my life partner, better.

Your earlier relationship with Shweta Singh went kaput. Any lessons learnt?

No one would ever want his or her marriage to end. Mine ended for various reasons. But I’ve learnt to move on because you don’t stop because you failed. I know a few things that may not work with a woman. This time, I’d want to spend ample time setting up my grihasti with my lady-love. Ensure that she is always happy and renew my marriage vows every year with a honeymoon.

You’ll choose one out of the 15 girls. What about the remaining 14?

I admire the guts these girls have. The world will always remember that they wanted to marry me. They will all have to marry someone in life. I just wish that after the show, I stay in touch with them and become their friend for life. I’d be more than willing to help them.

Wouldn’t your wife be jealous, given that she competed with them to marry you?

You know, jealousy is something that connects girls faster than any other emotion. Even if you had two girls competing, they would both be jealous of each other. Here, I am dealing with 15.

What is it that you are looking for in your ideal partner?

She should have a dynamic personality. She should be able to outdo me in almost every respect. Defeat me, win me. I’m looking for an equal.

The audience, after the last season, felt cheated because Rakhi Sawant didn’t marry Elesh Parujanwala. Her engagement didn’t last either.

Rakhi and I are not related. She never promised to marry. I am. The finale will be replete with a detailled marriage ceremony, mangalsutra, sindoor and the pheras. I am not going to leave the girl stranded.

What about your mum and sister Poonam?

They are busy doing up my house. They want to welcome the new bride of the family into a furnished new house.

Have you asked for dowry yet?

(Laughs) I will accept everything that the channel gives me because they are the girl’s side. But ideally, I would accept her in a single joda. Her husband will get her the rest of her wardrobe.

Weren’t you allured to the show because of the big bucks?

No way. I was getting a chance to start my life afresh. The channel is arranging for us to fall in love and marry. What more could I ask for?

Have the girls been talking to you about your backstories?

They all have come to the show, knowing everything about me from before. The media had exploited all the happenings in my life for news. So, they don’t have those things to ask me.

Before the show was launched, you said that you would be consulting a pandit for the kundlis of these girls. What if he disapproves of the girl you choose?

The pandit is purely for consultation. I would still marry the girl of my choice, even if he doesn’t approve. I would weigh my feelings over astrological predictions. They can always go wrong. Your feelings never mislead you.