Ravi is not jealous of wife Sargun's success

  • Kavita Awaasthi, Hindustan Times, Mumbai
  • Updated: Jul 21, 2014 17:52 IST

Ravi Dubey likes to keep a low profile. Best known for his role as Tej in

Saas Bina Sasural

, the actor says he likes to take up only those projects that excite him. And although, in the past two years, he’s hosted several shows and appeared in episodics, he will now return to the small screen as a lead actor in an upcoming series. We chat with him about all this and more.

You’ve lost a lot of weight recently…
I had let myself go during my wedding, honeymoon and in the following six months. I lived king-size, so I realised that I needed to get fit. So I took to working out on a daily basis and controlling my diet.

Are you aiming to get six-pack abs?
I’ve never been keen to have a muscular physique; I’ve only focused on being fit and lean. And I’ve seen that for TV actors, six-pack abs are a must-have. But that’s something I don’t want as I feel everyone tends to look same [on TV] because of them. I’m glad to look different (laughs).

Like your peers, are you keen on doing films too?
I’d love to do films, but I don’t want to do just about anything. I’ve received offers but I want to wait for the right project. It is extremely important to be associated with an amazing script and film. I will move to films when the time is right. Till then, I would rather make the best of the opportunities I’m getting on TV.

Have you and Sargun got offers to work together?
Yes. We want to do a fiction show together, but we are too busy with our TV shows. We try and make up for it by working together on stage shows, where we perform and even host at times.

Sargun is doing multiple shows, and she’s more popular than you are. How do you handle that?
I’m proud that people know her more than me. I know the person she is, so it’s no surprise that she has got so much popularity. Nothing can give me greater joy than her success. I’ve been discreet with the kind of work I’ve done. I could have got another show post Saas Bina Sasuraal but nothing was exciting. In fact, the reality show Sargun and I did paid me lesser money but it was very exciting. I’m glad about the choices I’ve made so far.

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