Ruslaan likes to hangout at home

  • Medha Shri Dahiya, Hindustan Times, New Delhi
  • Updated: May 08, 2016 17:13 IST
Actor Ruslaan Mumtaz is in love with his home. He has spent nearly a year doing the interiors.

Actor Ruslaan Mumtaz is looking for every excuse to stay at home. And he is exercising every trick up his sleeve to not step out, except for work – from inviting friends over to his house to shopping online. Why, did you ask? The Dangerous Ishq actor spent a whole year doing up his home. “My house took almost a year to do it up but every corner has been touched upon by me and mom. Since it’s our house and we wanted our tastes to reflect in every corner of our favourite place. Now that we are almost done doing it up, it has turned out to be lovely. It’s my favourite place, my favourite joint whenever am not doing anything,” he shares.

The actor, who is busy shooting a daily soap these days, often goes straight to his newly-done home. “Yes, whenever I get the time or whenever I am done with the shoot, I rush back home. I love spending time at home. At least, so far, I haven’t got enough of it (laughs).

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