Sarah Jessica Parker headed back to TV

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  • Updated: Jun 28, 2014 17:11 IST

Ten years after Sex and the City came to an end, the actress who played Carrie Bradshaw is headed back to television with a new role.

Other than a few appearances in the fourth season of Glee in 2012, Sarah Jessica Parker has been focusing primarily on her film career, including the two films that followed the series.

According to Deadline, the actress is preparing her comeback with the thriller mini-series Busted, adapted from a book called Busted: A Tale of Corruption and Betrayal in the City of Brotherly Love and set in Philadelphia.

Based on a true story, it focuses on the biggest corruption case to have happened in Philadelphia, which earned investigative journalists Wendy Ruderman and Barbara Laker a Pulitzer Prize.

Sarah Jessica Parker is expected to play one of the two journalists who, with the help of her colleague and an informer, will unveil the levels of corruption going on in the city's drug squad.

The series will be written by Don Roos (Web Therapy) and directed by David Frankel (Devil Wears Prada).

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