Satyamev Jayate creates two stars

  • Neha Sharma, Hindustan Times, New Delhi
  • Updated: May 19, 2012 00:09 IST

Aamir Khan’s chat show Satyamev Jayate has created two new stars — Harrish Iyer and Cindrella Prakash. They appeared on last Sunday’s episode and shared their stories of being sexually abused as children. Soon after the episode went on air, people started coming up to Iyer asking him to pose for pictures, while Cindrella had to escape to the hills to get away from the sudden attention. It’s hard to cope with fame that stems from trauma, they say.

‘I have 100 marriage proposals now’

SatyamevWhen 25-year-old musician Cindrella Prakash admitted on the show that she is single, little did she know that she would be bombarded with so many marriage proposals.

“I have over 100 marriage proposals now. In fact, there is a mail from a guy that says, ‘I want to marry you. I’m doing my masters from IIT Mumbai, please tell me what you think.’ I was laughing,” she says, adding, “I’ve got around 1000 mails, and calls from Pakistan, London, New Zealand. A Pakistani girl living in America called me and said that they are not allowed to watch TV , but that she managed to watch my episode and it uplifted her. It is overwhelming.” But, there are negative reactions too.

"A relative called and said to me, ‘Why did you have to speak about it on TV?’"

‘People give up their seats to me’

His Blackberry hasn’t stopped flashing, people have been offering him their seats in the Bombay local, and he has never had so many mails in his inbox.

Guy"I am a guy who can’t sleep if I have one unread mail. And I had 6000+ last night," says Mumbai-based blogger activist Harrish Iyer, 33, who appeared on the show. "What’s a better feeling than strangers believing in you and sharing their darkest secret?" he says, adding, "It is a huge responsibility as well ... I can’t let my fatigue show in my replies. Sometimes, the most difficult thing is to be pepped up to answer mails when all you want to do is log out and cry." Iyer says he feels "odd" posing for pics.

"One person got his whole family and introduced me to them like I am some kumbh-ke-mele mein bichda hua bhai!"

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