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'Shveta Salve is hot'

Karan Singh Grover on anchoring Zara Nachke.., his first movie and Dill Mill Gayye, interviewed by Gautam Hegde.

tv Updated: Jul 25, 2008 10:33 IST
Gautam Hegde

What have you been up to?

I've been shooting non-stop for 40 days. It's the longest time I've ever shot.

Dill Mill Gayye

didn't have a bank of episodes.. right?

It still doesn't. The tough part is that I'm required for most of the scenes.. in

Dill Mill.

. and

Zara Nachke Dikha

that I'm hosting.

What gives you strength? Please don't say Shradhha Nigam.

(Laughs) There is no other way really. I sleep for five hours, have six meals a day and devote one hour to exercise. That keeps me going.

Do reports of your phone being switched off or your not reporting for shoots upset you?

Yes. No one will correct a miscommunication which led to me getting a wrong call-time for the shoot. It's easy to blame an actor.

Were you nervous about anchoring

Zara Nachke..


I'm not used to a teleprompter. In fact I'm not used to taking any instructions right from my childhood. It's a birth defect.

Aren't the fights on the set a little childish?

They are juvenile but we are catering to an audience that is.. ..


No, younger. It's a section that likes such fights and doesn't think of them as kiddish.

Which of the contestants on the show get the maximum attention from you?

Swini Khara, who played my little girlfriend in

Dill Mill..

and Jenni (Jennifer Winget) who is a buddy. And of course, Miss Wow - Shweta (Gulati), my co-anchor.

What's on in

Dill Mill Gayye


Arman, that's me, and Ridhima, that's Sukriti (Khandpal), are falling in love.

Tell me something I don't know.

We are trying to do what everyone likes. This is what clicks best with the viewers.

Have you seen

Grey's Anatomy


Yes, in fact, our show was supposed to be on the lines of

Grey's Anatomy

. Then it moved on to become


.. now we are again back to


with more patients coming in. Shraddha says she can watch you play basketball for hours.

What do you like watching her do?

Yoga. I wake up early in the morning just so I can watch her do asanas. She looks hot.

Which other actress do you think is hot?

Shveta Salve.

How was the drag experience in

Dill Mill Gayye


Horrible! I made the ugliest woman.. my voice didn't help. I think I lost a couple of fans. Pankitt (Thakker) was the only pretty girl.

I believe you don't comb your hair.

I don't remember the last time I did. I have to cut it every 15 days because it grows so fast. I think all my protein goes to my hair.

You are a certified chef. Which are the best and worst items that you have dished out?

I haven't cooked for a while. I make amazing Spanish chicken. I can't make a round chapati, though. It looks like an amoeba.

You initially hid your tattoo on the show. Why?

The producers asked me to. Their logic was that doctors can't have tattoos. I didn't buy it. Once the show and its characters became popular, we let it out.


was your foray into Bollywood.

Let's not go there. I did it for a friend. Anyway I don't think many people saw it. Those who did didn't even realise I was in it.

Will Shraddha and you be a part of

Nach Baliye Season


Let's see. I'm open to anchoring it as well.

How would you react if you woke up one day and realised you have become Shraddha?

(Laughs) I'd go easy on Karan.