Here’s what Naagin, Siya and Ishita are up to this week on TV

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  • Updated: Feb 01, 2016 14:22 IST
What will go down on Indian TV this week? We bring you the low-down.

Indian television is never low on drama and twists and this week will be no exception. We bring you a short but important insight into your favourite TV shows. Join us as we try to figure out what will go down this week.


Shivanya is hell bent on finding out the fifth person who was an accomplice in the death of her parents. She does have Shesha by her side but will she be able to support her when the killer is revealed? Shivanya discovers that Ritik, the man she is falling in love with, is the killer who sent the nevla to end their lives. This will surely be not easy for her to accept. She can’t believe that it was Ritik who killed Monisha, leaving no doubt that it was indeed him who killed her parents. Will she act on an impulse or will she make full inquiries before taking any action?

Also, Guruma’s attempts at unmasking Shivanya’s truth maybe failing so far but looks like she will finally hit the jackpot soon. She will bring along a platoon of snake charmers who will play the ‘been’ and of course, Shivanya (Shesha pretending to be Shivanya) will start dancing as she can’t help herself. It would be a pity because the entire family would be watching.

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And it seems that the next twist in the show will be a love triangle between Shesha, Shivanya and Ritik. While Ritik will try to come close to Shesha, thinking that she is Shivanya, Shesha has also started feeling the feels for him. Ooh, drama.

The show airs on Colors at 5.30pm.

Yeh Hain Mohobbatein

Ishita will get arrested for the murder of Mr Chaddha. Well we’d be lying if we said that we didn’t see it coming. ACP Abhishek will come to Ishita’s home and take her in.

The show airs on Star Plus at 7.30pm.

Meri Aashiqui Tumse Hi

We truly cannot see or imagine a day when Ranveer and Ishani’s troubles will finally end. This week, Ranveer is about to marry Naina but Ishani has even weirder things to deal with. She cannot not think about Nirbhay and his ‘deceased’ wife (we are getting some strong Mr Rochester from Jane Eyre vibes from this one). Ishani decides she will get to the bottom of the matter and know for herself what the truth is.

The show airs on Colors at 10pm.

Siya Ke Ram

On Sunday’s Maha-Episode, Brahma reveals to Raavan that the cause of his end will be a woman and this is enough to send Raavan’s anger in an overdrive. He has his mind and heart set on finding out that woman and putting an end to her before she causes any harm. Meanwhile, Kaikeyi is still worried about the match between Sita and Ram. Let’s wait and watch if the Ayodhya royals will be accepting of Sita as a daughter-in-law. Also, it will be fun to see love blossom between Sita and Ram.

The show airs on Star Plus at 8pm.

Sasural Simar Ka

Things are getting weirder and weirder here. Everyone in the family maybe shocked to hear of Simar and Devika’s death but what is actually happening is mighty bonkers to believe anyway. Apparently, Simar has been tortured for months and months by Patali and maybe finally she will take things in her hand and decide to finally kill her. Patali is immortal from having drunk the elixir of life and it will be teeny-tiny bit difficult for Simar to take her life but as you know, Simar can do anything, anything at all. This should also be a piece of cake. Also, having ‘matarani ka trishul’ is an added advantage.

The show airs on Colors at 7.30pm.

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