Someone saw a GOT scene being filmed, revealed massive spoilers

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  • Updated: Nov 19, 2015 14:41 IST
Praying on our every breath that bad-luck-Sansa doesn’t end up with Ramsay again. (HBO)

First things first: Abandon all hope, ye who enter here (potential and major spoilers ahead).

The worst kept secret in American TV history is not much of a secret any more: A major plot turn in HBO’s hit fantasy-drama series, Game of Thrones, has leaked online. Fan site Watchers on the Wall, dedicated to all the new developments in the GOT universe, recently revealed details about a scene being filmed in Northern Ireland. The scene, or merely the fact that these four characters were seen together, is a really big spoiler for the upcoming season.

WOTW’s sources saw (final warning, back off if you don’t want Season 6 ruined) Sansa Stark, Ramsay Bolton, Jon Snow and Petyr Baelish together in what looked like Winterfell. “The characters are interacting in Winterfell’s courtyard, and there’s a great deal of tension. And then a giant turns up at the gates! The giant tries to force its way in and the people inside have to fight it off,” reports the website.

Jon Snow was killed by Olly and Men of the Night’s Watch (pretty shoddy job there, eh?) in the season five finale.

If you remember the last episode of Season 5, we saw Theon and Sansa jumping off a very tall tower to escape the clutches of d-bag supreme Ramsay. The fall looked extremely dangerous though it had a thick ice at the bottom to support their fall. Apparently, if the new spoilers hold any merit, Sansa failed at running away from Ramsay, and Theon was perhaps (gasp) killed by Ramsay.

Or, maybe she and Theon found their way to the revenant Jon Snow who accompanied her to take back Winterfell. How Jon Snow is still alive, you can read here and here. As far as our conniving little Littlefinger is concerned, that man can talk his way out of a lion’s mouth so we are not giving much thought on how he is in Winterfell.

Wun Wun is that you on the gates of Winterfell?

Who is the giant though? Is it the adorable Wun Wun or have some other, more sinister giants attacked the gates of Winterfell?

Spoilers or not, we are definitely couting days on our heartbeats to Season 6.

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