Take a break from those US shows, East-Asian TV is here!

  • Aanavi Sinha, Hindustan Times, New Delhi
  • Updated: May 03, 2016 16:31 IST
Poster for Netflix original series Underwear (Atelier). (Netflix)

What do you do when you’re sick of watching American TV? The answer’s simple: Turn to East-Asian TV shows!

From dramas more intense than Grey’s Anatomy to comedies as funny as The Big Bang Theory, it has something for everyone. What’s more, they’re now available on Netflix India! Do give these a try.

1. Empresses in the Palace

The Chinese equivalent of a Hindi period drama, it revolves around the lives of the beautiful yet scheming concubines of Emperor Yongzheng’s harem. Filled with love affairs, secrets, conspiracies and drama, this series is the perfect show to watch over a bowl of popcorn

2. Tomorrow’s Cantabile

Also known as Naeil’s Cantabile, this show is all about music. A Korean TV show adapted from Japanese manga (Nodame Cantabile), it tells the story of the uptight Yoo-Jin and the playful Nae-Il - two university-going musicians with completely opposite personalities and approaches to music.

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3. Playful Kiss

Another Korean show adapted from a manga, Playful Kiss revolves around high-school girl Oh Ha-Ni and her unrequited love for Baek Seung-Jo.

4. Good Morning Call

When high-school girl Yoshikawa Nao gets her own apartment in the heart of Tokyo, she is met with a big surprise that turns her life upside down. Definitely a great watch for those looking to indulge themselves in a bit of lighthearted drama!

5. Atelier

Though its title translates to Underwear in Japanese, this show has a lot more going for it. Another Netflix-original series, Atelier centres around Mayuko Tokita - a small-town girl who lands a job in a high-end lingerie house. Set in the Ginza district of Tokyo, she discovers that the undergarments business is way more cut-throat than she could have ever imagined.

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