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Telly Points

Janaki Viswanathan awards telly points to this week's serials on the small screen...

tv Updated: Jan 14, 2009 18:48 IST
Janaki Viswanathan

Janaki Viswanathan

awards telly points to this week's serials on the small screen...

Ride stuff
* Roadies: Hell Down Under, MTV, 11 pm
The first episode lives up to the other five seasons. The 20 Roadies are introduced in comic book format, a Quentin Tarantino hangover.. super cool. There are five evictions.. and later, one vote out. The poor wannabe bikers look clueless as Raghu Ram and Rannvijay Singh inform them of developments almost gleefully. Talk about guilty pleasures! Only sore point: Ankur from Chandigarh will be missed..he didn’t even get a chance to prove himself.

No Chameli in Haveli
* Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai, Star Plus 9.30 pm
Another Rajasthan-based soap with a terrific set. It’s early morning and the laadli of the haveli is missing.
The maid, big mother (umm badi maa), small mother (chhoti maa) and grandmother go on and on about the laadli being a free bird. Laadli meanwhile, is praying at the temple. Thankfully not for her Prince Charming (guess they don’t exist on the tube either nowadays).. but so that her dad will let her watch a Hrithik Roshan movie. Sweet! Which one, though?

Think Pink
* Jeevan Saathi, Colors, 9 pm
Pretty girl is very out of place in a village home complete with a cowshed. Her husband or almost husband (no sindoor proof, no mangal sutra) watches her humbly. She gives him gyaan about hiding sorrow in a corner of her broken heart, so she can let ujala of happiness fill the other. Husband/almost husband listens. Pretty girl points out that with newfound happiness with him, there will be some remnant of the afore-discussed sorrow. Husband/almost husband nods. Then he helps her to pack chiffon saris and sees her out of the cowshed. And presents her with a rose. Wait a minute, he wasn’t saying anything because he’s mute. Oh.

So.. jaaaa, so.. jaaaa
* Kahaani Hamaarey Mahabharat ki, 9X, 10 pm
Mother Supreme is stopped by guards, so she sings a lullaby. Son wakes up inside the chamber, is annoyed, tries shutting his ears, in vain. Mother sings on and on. Suddenly, she’s through and walks away. Son stands up, picks a rabbit and flings the poor little thing outside his window. He pulls off his shawl and screams that he is now Duryodhan. See what a spot of bad singing can do?

* Kayamath, Star Plus, 11 pm
Dark lonely night. The wind oohs and aahs eerily. A mum goes looking for her son in an empty, dark palatial house. A figure with a candle walks up the stairs in fast forward and returns, with the boy. Mum can’t see the candle-lady’s face.
As she leaves, candle-lady appears at the window, and in a flash of moonlight, her face is revealed.. it’s the vamp who had kicked the bucket! But is she a ghost or real? Ask the Ramsays. Or Bhatts.