When Mumbai was Sher-locked

  • Hindustan Times, Mumbai
  • Updated: Dec 22, 2014 11:12 IST

The session with hit British TV show Sherlock’s co-creator and actor Mark Gatiss at the Mumbai Film and Comic Con 2014 turned out to be the highlight of day two.

Post a short question-and-answer session, when the house was opened to questions from the audience, it led to plenty of clapping and squealing. Once that died down, the British celebrity was at his witty best.

For instance, when someone said they loved the bright "pink socks" he wore with his black suit, he replied straight-faced, "They’re fuchsia, actually."

Gatiss, being a gay rights supporter, was asked if he was ever tempted to give Sherlock Holmes and Dr John Watson a romantic angle. "No," he simply said, explaining that, "There should be more shows that show gay relationships, but as creators, we decided it won’t happen in ours."

He went on to add that it won’t happen anytime in the future, not before adding, "Meanwhile, I think decriminalisation of gay relationships needs to happen in this country."

Although he refused to talk about Sherlock’s next season, he did leave the audience yearning for more as he answered most questions about the return of Moriarty (as suggested in the end of the last season) and Irene Adler, with a sniggering, "You’ll just have to wait and watch."


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