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Who will win?

Janaki Viswanathan polled 1,000 Mumbaikars who picked Rahul Mahajan, Zulfi Sayed and Debojit Saha in that order...

tv Updated: Sep 30, 2008 20:40 IST
Janaki Viswanathan

Forty-four of the 84 days at the Bigg Boss House have whizzed by. Who will win the Rs 50 lakh prize? Janaki Viswanathan polled 1000 Mumbaikars who picked Rahul Mahajan.. Zulfi Sayed.. and Debojit Saha.. in that order

Rahul Mahajan
Story so far: Outside the House, he’s the alleged drug-abuser and wife beater. Inside, he’s the de facto guide, who guffaws at the corniest joke, hardly loses his temper and rattles the girls with every nomination.
Remember Sambhavna Seth’s look of horror when she read out his name from the eviction envelope (turned out he was safe and Rakhi Vijan was shown the door)? And think of all the weeks in which he was nominated and what do you get? A delicately sniffling Payal Rohatgi dabbing at her perfectly made-up eyes.
In his favour: He was the unanimous choice to play Lord Krishna during the Gokulashtami task. He mops the washroom floors (until Raja Choudhary recently pointed out unkindly that anyone could do that). He also played superhero Drona so ‘well’ that Abhishek Bachchan said he would root for him.
Best chances according to Ravi Kissen from Season One: He is pretty entertaining. That might be a factor in making him win. Personally, I’d like him to win. Rahul and Zulfi Sayed remind me of Rahul Roy and myself in Season One. I hope things turn out differently this time.

Zulfi Sayed
Story so far: A shadow on his face on most days, a benign smile throughout and his long involved conversations while lolling around in the orange bean bag in heavily accented Hindi.. yesterday’s successful model and unsuccessful film actor.
In his favour: He doesn’t fight, he bitches quietly and he smiles.. and smiles.

Best chances according to Rupali Ganguly from Season One: He’s very like Rahul (Roy) bhaiyya. He keeps quiet, he’s non-controversial, I like him. Actually, so is Debojit (Saha) but I have a hunch that Zulfi will win. I don’t like the girls too much. Though if Monica Bedi were still around, I’d want her to win. She came across as so genuine. I wish they’d get her back in the wild card round. I know Rahul Mahajan is the top favourite.. he has a lot of public sympathy but naa, my hunch stays.

Debojit Saha
Story so far: He isn’t too buddy-buddy with anyone in the House. No one’s entry or eviction seems to affect him. He hardly has an opinion.. though he has a song ready (even when the fights become shriller and bitchier) and he’s a sport. Remember the ghagra-choli dance during the Truth-or-Dare game barely three days into the show?
In his favour: He is hardly ever bitched about. And this is the first time he has ever been nominated.
Best chances according to Rahul Roy, winner of Season One: I had placed my bets on Monica Bedi but she didn’t last. I’m hoping Debojit wins because he still seems sane. Most people will be rooting for the most entertaining guy but that’s only for now. Come to the end of the show and the viewers will suddenly get on to their moralistic high horses. Perhaps because of the repeated references to ‘gharwala’ and ‘ghar-se-beghar’, people start thinking in terms of whom they’d like to welcome as a guest in their own homes. That’s when the quiet, non-political, non-controversial guy scores. Debojit is unnerved.. so far.. by all that happens in the House. But who knows, he might just tear out of his shell and scream tonight!
Other Contenders: You never.. never know..

Ashutosh Kaushik
Story so far: When he entered, hardly anyone knew who Ashu was. He kept to himself for a while before indulging in full-time bitching and strategising. He signed up to promote Sambhavna Seth for the in-House elections and ended up voting for Raja Choudhary.
His best so far was playing principal at the Bigg Boss ki Paatshala. Is he friends with Raja Choudhary? Or Zulfi Sayed? Does he like Diana Hayden? You may never know. But he needs to tone down his lingo.
In his favour: Doesn’t pick sides.. is friendly with everyone in the House and never creates a ruckus. Is the quiet player.. probably what makes him dangerous. That’s how he won MTV Roadies 5.0. But would he be picked to win again?

Diana Hayden
Story so far: She does add some beauty pageant allure to the show and her faltering Hindi reminds one of
Carol Gracias last year. But while Carol voiced opinions and took pangas, Diana stays in the background, brewing chai.
Ashu’s infatuation doesn’t flatter her.. she’s worried about her image. Curiously, she’s the only female member so far who doesn’t hang around too long with Rahul Mahajan.
In her favour: Doesn’t swear, seems sensible, diplomatic and wants to steer clear of controversy. Not exactly a TRP-grabber but remember the slow and steady rule?

Ehsaan Khureshi
Story so far: Funnyman doesn’t find much to laugh about in the House. His classroom was the least entertaining during the Bigg Boss ki Paathshala task.. with the done-to-death haasya-poems.
All he seemed to have a problem during the first two weeks was the fact that Rahul Mahajan got under the covers with the girls one night. The one person he hung out with, Ketaki Dave, is out now.. wonder how long he’ll last?
In his favour: No one considers him a threat. He hasn’t been nominated for eviction yet..and he doesn’t use cuss words.

Payal Rohatgi
Story so far
: Far from her bold-bare-all item girl image, she seems very soft-spoken and sensitive.
She didn’t like Rahul Mahajan hanging out with Monica Bedi. She’s smug, cries so often that it’s hard to take her tears seriously now. And the body massage craving when she was nominated in week three? Not happening!
In her favour: She’s easy on the eyes.. and stays in full make-up all day. Her constant run-ins with Sambhavna Seth and squabbles with good friend Rahul Mahajan make for fun viewing. But she’s not such a favourite, inside nor outside the House.

Raja Choudhary
Story so far: He came inches close to redeeming his ‘wife beater’ image and then one kabaddi match with Sambhavna Seth ruined his chances. He’s probably the best strategist in the House and the most political of them all. His speech at the in-House elections garnered him votes from most of the inmates. The shifty-eyed former husband of Shweta Tiwari isn’t too popular for his wry humour and definitely not his gaalis.. which peaked after the kabaddi match. Currently he’s lodged in the secret room where he must be giving many ‘bleeped’ out lines to others.
In his favour: He’s a true player and confesses that he won’t stay in touch with any inmate once he’s out. Yet there was an odd affection he seemed to have for Alina (Wadiwala) especially when she sat mourning the departures of Rakhi Vijan and Ketki Dave. One did feel a pang as well when he spoke of not being allowed to meet his daughter.

Sambhavna Seth
Story so far: She was NOT recommended by Ravi Kissen as he gruffly maintains. But this Bhojpuri item girl has definitely brought in colour to the House a la Rakhi Sawant in Season One.
She is a ready fuse which erupts when comments are passed on her item girl status. Remember the fight with Sanjay Nirupam which lasted till he was finally evicted?
She is insecure 24x7 and is sure that she’ll be nominated.. she begged Rahul Mahajan to ask his fans to vote for her IF nominated. She also went hoarse declaring that she wasn’t infatuated with Zulfi. But her bleeped out lines even make Zulfi see red.
In her favour: She’s entertaining and in-your-face.